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GALERIA 2F, 5-51-3, Jjingumae,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo,150-0001 phone:03-3400-1995 fax:03-3400-9526

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Jamaican contemporary artist
Peter Wayne Lewis
Jamaica , Kingston , 1953

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Peter Wayne Lewis list of works
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Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009

Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009
Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009
Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009
Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009





Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009
Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009
Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009
Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009
Oil on Paper
76x56cm, 2009

PETER WAYNE LEWIS- Brief Biography

Chairman of Fine Arts 2d-Painting and Printmaking and Professor of Painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Ma. Was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies and immigrated to the USA in 1962 and made his home in Sacramento, California. He became a US Naturalized Citizen in 1983 and received his Masters of Arts Degree in painting in 1979 from San Jose State University California. He currently resides in South Orange, New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts, and Beijing, China.


National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan.
National Doctor Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, California.
Republic of Senegal, National Art Collection.
Schmidt Bank, Germany.
A. D. Plant Co., Yokohama, Japan.
National Gallery of Art, Kingston, Jamaica.
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, California.
Cosima Hotel, Tokyo, Japan.
Rhiga Royal Hotel, Narita, Japan.
Hilton Hotel, San Jose, California.
N. K. Create Corp., Tokyo, Japan.
Nagai Sangyo Company Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.
A&M Co., Chiba, Japan.
Art Stacks Co., Marin, California.
Language Pacifica Co., Palo Alto, California.
Cohen and Lord, a P. C., Marina del Rey, California.
Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, The Vivian and Gordon Gilky Center for Graphic Arts at the
Kunsthaus Ostbayern, Viechtach, Germany.
Guenter Paal & Associates, Stuttgart, Germany.
Salon de Artei Osaka, Osaka, Japan.

Thoughts about my paintings

We are formed in darkness and born into the light. This is the reality for all human beings in the dance of life on our planet. With globalization being an essential ingredient of the 21st Century and our greater connectedness, I am hopefully optimistic that differing cultural paradigms around the world will move toward a greater quality of humanness rooted in complete respect for differing opinions. With the human Genome project in full play, and other modern technologies advancing; if we maintain a shared knowledge base that is transparent and transcendent, everyone wins and there are no losers.

It is quite fascinating to me to make an exhibition in Japan, due to the fact that as a young man of 9 years old I was introduced to fine art and painting with the work of Master Hokusai and Utamaro. Ukioe prints have always inspired me from this early age until now. Over the past 7 years, I have been visiting China, painting and curating but always absorbing the various experiences that have presented itself to me. All the paintings in this exhibition was made in Beijing, China at my studio; OASIS over the past couple of years.

These paintings refer to the building blocks of nature at its fundamental level; from a micro as well as macro point of view. They involve ideas such as order, chaos, gravity, speed, time and light. Once we understand the lyrical play of the world and its beauty, we collectively as human beings, will want to protect while preserve it. Painting as an art form always addresses ones place in the world and does make us more human. There is an idea in string theory that all matter exist as vibrating string moving in multiple dimensions. This idea links physics to my great love, music. The vibration of the strings creates harmony. Matter is a series of points, not unlike a strand of DNA that links all human beings together in a timeless dance of life. The laws of physics can be compared to the laws of harmony. The universe can be compared to countless vibrating strings. The universe is a symphony of color and light and different time signatures.

Peter Wayne Lewis (C) May 6th,2012

Blue and Green: some notes on the work of Peter Wayne Lewis
Stacey Duff

Peter Wayne Lewisfs paintings are perpetually born | born vibrating | out of the energy of the moment. Brimming with vibratory gestures of color, his work is a physical, present-tense activity. He doesnft capture objects. He doesnft structure conventional narratives. His paintings, rather, enact a visual language of the spontaneous self as it explores the harmonious grace of the universe. Viewers of his work become willing cohorts in that pursuit.

His work expands the tradition of American abstract art. His concerns with color field theory | his conviction in the spiritual energy of color | align him with precursors like Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Meanwhile, the artistfs experience as a Jamaican-born American, his sensitivity to the African diaspora along with his voracious appetite for jazz and his intellectual interests in theoretical physics, have vigorously pushed his work into new territory. Born in Kingston, Peter Wayne Lewis teaches art in Boston and maintains an ambitious studio practice in both New York and Beijing. He is a citizen of the world and a visual expeditionary. But rather than dig for ideas in art history books, he digs for materials inside himself: an adventurous self born of his eclectic travels. His current show at Matthias Kuper in Beijing provides viewers the opportunity to see nine paintings from an ongoing series predominating in the green and black of his native Jamaica | as well as new site-specific installation.

The installation consists of a painting group, religious statuary and sound element. The paintings are executed in light blue acrylics on canvas that simultaneously evoke porcelain, the Bavarian flag and the blue note from jazz. Peter Wayne Lewis is exploring a kind of blue specific to the context of his experience here in Beijing. The paintings invoke the human body, especially abdominal organs. You also feel it in your gut. The shapes seem to vibrate, a characteristic that rings true to his connection to jazz and his interest in string theory. Blinking lights, common in Beijing, pay homage to local architectural motifs but also add a warm and personal touch to a profound and epic theme: penetrating the living moment of the universe in all its myriad possibilities. The spirituality of this experience | of acting in the now | is echoed by the Buddhist statuary whose meditations here sound out in the form of music closest to the artistfs own heart, jazz.

The final and indispensable element of this exhibition is the viewer. The artist cannot commune with the Greater Self | the Over-Soul that he knows his personal self is a part of | unless he harmonizes with the viewer. This is ultimately a call and response form of art. The artist calls. The viewer responds. The universal symphony arises out of the tacit understanding and the perceptive listening between artist and viewer. These visual harmonics are ultimately as unpredictable as they are universal, as universal as they are intimate, and proof positive that even on a planet where change sometimes approaches chaos, we still live during a dispensation of grace. Art reconciles us to the universal body we didnft know we were seeing.

March 31, 2012

----Artistfs Statement - Peter Wayne Lewis
g Stringsh

I am from Jamaica, a Caribbean melting pot. I came to the United States when I was nine years old and, after forty-five years, I still do not have a sense of being at home even though I have become an American citizen. I'm still trying to find a balance. When I create, this becomes reflected in an uncomfortable formal balance. Being an immigrant is crucial because it determines how one thinks about stability. It's the imbalance that creates the tension in the work. I have an understanding of imbalance - this adds psychological charge to the work, which makes it human. Throughout my travels as an artist, I have visited many countries, including Senegal, Germany, France, Italy, Czech-Republic, Cuba, Panama, Japan and, over the last four years, China. My migration has led me to leasing a studio space in Beijing. The contemporary Chinese art scene has exploded on the world stage and I wanted to bear witness to it as an artist and educator.
Painting is a ritual act. I'm trying to discover a link to the spiritual. I aim to transcend the flesh. Ritual describes something greater than it is. It becomes a connection to intangible things, the realm of the spiritual. For me a ritual act is a bridge to different sorts of experiences. The shaman bridges the realms of flesh and spirit to bring back knowledge that can be shared. My religious beliefs are akin to those of the shaman. I am devoted to making these pictures. I don't want my paintings to be passive objects. I want them to generate excitement, questioning, even intrigue. Some perceived imbalance or discord allows movement and rhythm.
I'm very conscious of the formal attributes. I teach those compositional elements of formal balance, harmony, and unity. Personally, I'm trying to shake that up in my work. I'm trying to find other ways of creating harmony, ways that generate some uneasiness. We are formed in darkness and born into the light. There is a metaphorical structure in the work. I do not present a mimetic structure. The picture suggests images of the natural world: trees, sky, and earth. I can't deny that. But I'm not consciously painting things I see. I'm interested in the phenomenon of the horizon that separates the opaque earth from the transparent sky. I paint primarily at night. There is a different presence of light, the nocturnal energy - a different kind of stillness.
I'm interested in graceful Chinese calligraphy and Japanese sumi ink paintings. It was interesting to be introduced to the work of the master painter, Ba Da Shan Ren (1626-1705) of China, during my painting session in Beijing last year. I saw parallel pictorial relationships between his work and mine. This is the beauty and education of travel. There's an idea in string theory that we exist as strings. We're vibrating strings. This idea links physics to my great love, music. According to string theory, if we could magnify a point, we would actually see a vibrating string. Matter is a series of points, not unlike a strand of DNA. The vibration of the strings creates harmony. The laws of physics can be compared to the laws of harmony. The universe can be compared to countless vibrating strings. The universe is a symphony of color and light. In 1982 I traveled with my wife, Catherine, to Europe. We went to see the pre-historic cave paintings at Lascaux. I think of these caves, demarcated by the stalagmites and stalactites, as earth's first Gothic cathedrals. I had a pretty profound experience.
I was overwhelmed. I started thinking about architecture, ritual space, the animals, and things that threaten us. I cried. Those paintings altered what I was doing. I've always been interested in building images that move people in similar ways. I have a great love for the materiality of paint | the tactile sensation, scarification of the paint, that writhing, dancing movement of the pigmented mud. There's a comfortable melding between my sensibility and paint. My body feels it. It makes sense for me. My choice to paint the unknown hopefully leads to some sort of resonance, something of permanent value. I strive to present reflections of my collective inner-world. They are not meant to inform, but to transform. Ultimately, the paintings live and die in the eyes of the viewer.
Matthias Kuper Galleries, Stuttgart|Beijing, Beijing, China; PAINTINGS FROM MIDDLE EARTH PART 2
2011 JayJay, Sacramento, California; PAINTINGS FROM MIDDLE EARTH PART 1

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PROMO-ARTE, Tokyo, Japan; Peter Wayne Lewis Paintings


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40 Acres Gallery, Sacramento, California; Strings Genesis
JayJay , Sacramento, California; Grand: The Booster Paintings

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Stella Jones Gallery; New Orleans, Louisiana; Paintings
2002 Parish Gallery, Washington, DC; Dream Paintings

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