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Venezuelan contemporary artist
Edison Osorio Zapata
Born in Venezuela,1970

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Eduardo Vela Lastra


Extensive list of Edison Osorio Zapata's best works, from Japan to the world
Here you can find an extensive list ofEdison Osorio Zapata's works. Click on the image below to find out more about your favorite work!

"Clear Blur"
Fused glass, glass cane, 2007

"La casa Iwakura"
Fused glass, glass cane/ wood,2007

"sin ti°≠tulo"
Fused glass, glass cane,2007

"4:15 p.m (Nagoya series)"
Fused glass, glass cane
(Installation with TVmonitor),2007

Artist Profile

Edison Osorio Zapata was born in Venezuela. He has lived in Australia, Japan, and the USA. One of his main interests as an artist is in the area of failed communication, which has developed out of his varied life experiences as an outsider assimilating the cultural norms of where he has relocated.

He creates work that engages the viewer with mixed media and installations that °∆capture the imprecise transfer of information between people from different walks of life°«. Edison works with glass and video and through his work he has been involved with glass manufacturing, traditional glass blowing and kiln forming.

Edison a former chef and restaurateur, has a BFA from Canberra School of Art, he completed an MFA from Tama Art University in Tokyo in 2007 while on Scholarship from the Japanese Government. He is a recipient of numerous awards, the Creative Glass Centre of America, Wheaton Arts Fellowships, UrbanGlass°«s Emerging Artist Fellowship, Pilchuck Glass School and the North Lands Creative Glass Centre fellowship in Scotland. And most recently the Glass Art Society Emerging Artist Lecture Award.

Edison has been exhibiting extensively in the last decade and is part of the permanent collection at the Museum of American Glass, and The Australian National University. His work has been written about in the UrbanGlass Quarterly, Wheaton Fellows °»The Space Between°…, Japan Times, New Glass Review and Craft Arts International.

Edison has collaborated and assisted with a variety of artists. Currently Edison is teaching at Long Island University and UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, New York City.


2000-2001 Bachelor of Visual Art, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University.
2002-2003 Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours), Canberra School of Art, Australian National University.
2004-2007 Masters, Tama Art University, (‘Tamabijitsu Daigaku’) Tokyo.
2005 Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle USA.
2006 Student Exchange, Nagoya Art University.
2007 BVA (Hons), Canberra School of Art, ANU, Australia.
Special Research Associate, Nagoya University of Arts, one year Residency, Nagoya, Japan.
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Boyd Sugiki, Maine, USA. 
2008 Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle USA.

Solo Exhibitions
2006 °∆Transcription of Legends°«, Japonder 3, Setagaya Art Foundation, Tokyo.
°∆Shinwa no Tensha°«, Solo show, Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
Edison Osorio Zapata - Transcription of legends in Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
2007 ‘Edison Osorio Zapata solo exhibition’, Galerie Tokyo Humanite, Tokyo.°°

°∆Fusion Glass°« Solo show, Chappell Gallery, New York.

Awards, Grants and Artist Residencies
2001 Golden Key Scholar, Sydney University.
Jerome De Costa Memorial award Scholarship, Sydney University
2004 Monbukagakusho Scholarship, Government of Japan.
KPMG Acquisitive Award
Aesthetica Gallery Exhibition Award.
2005 Pilchuck Glass School Scholarship, Seattle, USA.
2006 Australia Council for the Arts, emerging artist grant recipient.

Creative Glass Centre of America, WheatonArts Fellowship, USA.
UrbanGlass, Emerging Artist Fellowship, Brooklyn USA.
Pilchuck glass School Scholarship, Seattle, USA.

2010 Pilchuck Glass School, Full Scholarship, Seattle, USA.
2011 North Lands Creative Glass Studio Hot Glass Residency, Lybster, Scotland.
Glass Art Society Emerging Artist Lecture Award.

2004 KPMG Collection Acquisitive Award.
Australian National University Collection, Drill Hall gallery.
2008 Permanent collection of the Museum of American Glass.
2011 Bruce Mao Private collection, USA

Visiting Artist Lectures
2003 Sydney University.
2005 American School In Japan, Tokyo.
Sacred Heart International School, Tokyo.
2006 Furuki Studios, Mashiko, Japan, °∆Glass meets Clay°«.
2010 Sydney University.

Artist in Residence
2006 Student Exchange, Nagoya Art University, Japan.
2007 Special Research Associate, Nagoya University of Arts, Nagoya, Japan.

Commissions and Collaborations

Commission Legends prize for PRATT Institute, New York.
Commission, Brooklyn Book Prize, 2009.
Collaboration - window project Tokyo/NewYork based Architect Yumi Kori.

2010 Glass design and fabrication for Josh Haddar, Soho, New York.

Conferences, and Symposia
2005 GAS - Glass Art Society, Adelaide, Australia.
2009 Panelist - New Directions in Glass, Museum of Art and Design, New York.
2011 Glass Art Society Emerging Artist Lecture Award, Seattle.

Publications, Articles and Reviews
2005 New Glass Review 26.
Craft Arts International 63.
2006 °»Rosslynd Piggott, Roberto Giostra, and Edison at Omotesando Hills°… ASIAN ART NEWS Vol.16, No5 Sept/Oct, p132.
New Glass Review 27.
°»edison Osorio Zapata: Transcription of Legends°…, Japan Times, Thursday, Aug 3rd 2006, p17
°»Legends on Glass°… Weekender, Vol.03, No.15 Aug, 4-18, 2006.
°»Rosslynd Piggott in Collaboration with Roberto Giostra and edison°…, Japan Times,Thursday May 18th 2006, p.17.
2007 °» Culture observed by an art of glass°…, Japan Times, Friday Dec 14th 2007, p.22.
°»Artifacts°…, Metropolis Magazine Tokyo #716, Dec 14th 2007, p.24.
2008 °» Exhibition: Wheaton Fellows °∆The Space Between°«, Glass Art:design:Culture,
The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly No113, Dec 2008, p.70.
2011 Glass Art Society Emerging Artist Lecture Award °»Standing on the Outside°…
°»A window into glass artists°« work°…, John O°«Groat Journal Friday May 6th 2011, p.9. Scotland.
°»Northlands Creative Glass Newsletter°…, Issue No.6 Spring 2011 p.6.
°»Luscious and Sensuous°…, Tucson Weekly, April 7-13, 2011, p.37.

Art Statement

I am interested in the nature of failed communications and in the ways comprehension becomes distorted by cultural misunderstanding. I create work that engages the viewer with mixed media and installations that capture the imprecise transfer of information between people from different walks of life. This corrupted transfer of information is symbolised by reduced resolution of video images through pixilated glass screens, as well as through the manipulation of language and text.

I create work derived from my own experience as a foreigner. As a Venezuelan who has lived in Australia, Japan, and the USA for extended periods, I have evolved a foreign perspective that has given me sensitivity to issues in this area, especially issues of communication. After leaving Venezuela as a child, I experienced dislocation and assimilation while absorbing cultural changes. Though at times difficult, this process has provided me with three languages-- Spanish, Japanese and English--and this diverse cultural experience is a driving force in my artistic practice, that informs all of the work that I undertake.

My installations utilising glass have taught me the techniques of glass manufacturing and traditional hand-blown and kiln-formed processes. The overlap of factory production, craftsmanship, and the practice of a contemporary artist are very important in my methodologies and outcomes, I use these various approaches to raise issues of cultural misperception.

Group Exhibitions

2001 °∆the Fear°«, Museum of Contemporary Art Staff Exhibition, 1st Draft, Sydney.
2002 °∆Kamberra°« Prize Exhibition, Canberra.
°∆Ausglass Student Show°«, Perth.
°∆Reflect°«, group show, design of exhibition flyer, Spiral Gallery, Bega, NSW.
°∆Conspiracy°«, 2nd Annual Directors choice exhibition, Sydney, Fringe Festival.
2003 °∆Twilight @ the God°«s°«, emerging artists Canberra.
National Water Week, Foyer Gallery, Wagga Regional Gallery Wagga Wagga NSW, selected works 15 artists.
National Conference of Sustainable Campuses (conference) Foyer, Ian Ross Australian National University, selected works 18 artists.
°∆5 Fluid Bonds°« Foyer, Old Canberra House, Australian National University, selected works 18 artists. 
°∆Ceremonial Drinking Vessels for the drinking of Water°«, Canberra School of Art Foyer Gallery.
Water Governance and the Political Economy (Symposium), Canberra School of Art Gallery.

Ranamok Glass Prize, Australia / New Zealand. (catalogue)
Geisai, Tama Art University, Tokyo.


Ranamok Glass prize, Australia / New Zealand. (catalogue)
°∆Broken Conversations°«, Tama Art University, Tokyo.


°∆Yamazakura°« Melbourne Artfair, Rosslynd Piggott.
°∆Transcription of Legends°«, Japonder 3, Setagaya Art Foundation, Tokyo.
°∆Hot Winds from Latin America°«, Kanagawa State Gallery, Yokohama.
°∆Shinwa no Tensha°«, Solo show, Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
°∆Yamazakura°«, Rosslynd Piggott, and Roberto Giostra collaboration,Tokyo.

2007 'The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa', Notojima glass Museum (juried)
'Infinite Lines', Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo
2008 Collaboration - °∆Winter Solstice Concert°« Kaoru Watanabe Taiko Center Fund Raising Event, Dec 21st, Renate Albertsen-Marton Gallery Brooklyn.
'Shaping Perspectives', Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, Sydney.
°∆Andino Modern Art°«, Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
'Space in between', Creative Glass Centre of America Wheaton fellows exhibition, Robert Lehman Gallery, New York.
°∆Humanite Lab°« Group show, Galerie Tokyo Humanite, Tokyo.

°∆Cirque de Verre°« performance at Toledo Museum of Art
°∆Group Show°« Creative glass Centre of America, New Jersey.
°∆Gringo Graffiti°«, installation, Museum of Art and Design, New York
"NEW WAVE from LATIN AMERICAN Exhibition", Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
10th Latinamerican Contemporary Art "TODAY" , Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.

2010 °∆12th Annual Art London°«, Chelsea 2010 (catalogue).
°∆Collect 2010, Saatchi Gallery, London (catalogue).

°∆Viva el Vidrio°«, Joseph Gross gallery Tucson, Arizona.
°∆ Latin Crew°«, Far4 gallery Seattle, Washington.
°∆No Boundaries°«, Lybster Gallery, Quatre Bras, Lybster, Scotland.

2012 ‘Multiple Visualization’, Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.The 12th Latin American & Caribbean, Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
2014 The 13th Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art "TODAY", Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
The Sculpture Exhibition by Ibero-American Artists, Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
2015 New Year's Collection Exhibition 2015, Promo-Arte Gallery, Tokyo.
EXHIBITION OFLATIN AMERICAN YOUNG ARTISTS in Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
"XIV Lartin American & Cribbean Contemporary Art TODAY", in Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte, Tokyo,Japan

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