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Peruvian contemporary artist
Erika Nakasone
Born in Lima, Peru

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Horacio Carrena

Extensive list of Erika Nakasone's best works.
Here you can find an extensive list of Erika Nakasone works. Click on the image below to find out more about your favorite work!

"Pido un deseo"
Corazon de plata y pintura acrilica sobre madera

"Fundamentos del Neo-Retablo"
55x 44x18.5 cm
Pintura Acrilica sobre tela y tallado en madera revestido en lamina de oro
"En el Pasado"
acrylic on canvas and wooden board

"el arte ceramico precolombino, llevado a la contemporaneidad"
acrylic painting on wood, paper and pvc
"Si pudiese entender"
107x65x50 cm.
Pintura acrilica y lamina de aluminio sobre madera,

"Con un Adios"
acrylic on wooden board, Aluminium on wooden board
"El nuevo Retablo Peruano en proyecto" (10 piezas)
Pintura Acrilica sobre papel; plastico corrugado, 2009
°» Camino a Casa°…
acrylic on canvas
"Saltando hacia la imaginacion"
acrylic on wooden board, wooden board
°» Altar y Mezanine°…
Pintura acrilica sobre tela y madera, impresion sobre tela

•®•Í•ę°¶• •ę•Ĺ•Õ
Erika Nakasone(Peru)

Each encounter I have with Erika Nakasone's art works, my consciousness is awakened to realize that every human being is alive in order to discover that thirst to establish its own firm identity.?The sensation of color represented on its canvas and board inspire the sun and flowers of Okinawa; and the silver objects that decorate the "altar" (motifs of the Mestizo-Style decoration in the Colonial Andes culture) inspires the religious art that simbolizes the mestizo culture in the colonial period of the Andes region during the 17th Century. These conclude to form a harmonious composition of the art work.
My interest in Erika Nakasone's art deepens further. Erika owns the essence of Precolombine Andiana cultures, the colonial cultures of Peru, the influence received from her grandparents who come from Okinawa (Ryukyu culture), and now the Japanese culture in which she lives in presently.

Kumiko Furusawa Director Promo-Arte


Defining Nikkei Art

-- Erika Nakasone Facing Her Art Exhibition--

By Katoh Kaoru (Art Critic, South Central American Art Researcher, and Professor at Kanagawa University)

The Japanese make their first appearance in Peruvian history at the beginning of the 17th Century. But it was not until the large-scale Japanese immigration of the late 19th Century that contributed so greatly to the economy of Peru. By the time the Japanese unfortunate enough to experience World War II made their way to Peru, there were already five generations of Japanese established there.

Peruvian art and Japanese immigration cross paths with the work of world-renowned artist Tilsa Tsuchiya (1936-1984). Her work reflects the literary times in South Central America and has been called °»magical°… and °»dreamy°…. No matter the adjectives describing her work, there is no question that her work has been undeniably labeled as typical Peruvian Art. The question of her identity as Nikkei has heretofore been virtually non-existent in the context of art conversation either by her or art historians.

The existence and use of the term °»Nikkei°… or •ň•√•Ī•§(the Japanese katakana writing of the word) gained popularity during the 1990s. The concept of coining a common identity across the Americas by these diaspora of Japanese descent was both thought-provoking and a deeply curious concept. But has this new terminology lended itself to the Japanese artists scattered about the continents for their art to be called °»Nikkei Art°…? Is Nikkei Art a cultural movement that is transcending international borders? More, is it a notion commingled with aesthetics? Is it all-encompassing as the ethnic origin of what it is to be Japanese? Or, is it just a phenomenon of modern art? The definition of identity is murky still yet, let alone substantiating the notion of such movement. But what can be said for sure is that to speak of modern art in these times as being bound by national borders or form of expression is absurd and there are hints of alternative art forms emerging. Erika Nakasone reiterates this by saying, °»my work can neither be defined as Peruvian or as Japanese. It is hybrid, or meskla (creole?) in its essence, just as am I.°…

In the catalog for the Modern Nikkei Art of Peru exhibition held at Museum Pedro de Osma, Peruvian-born Erika is quoted as saying that during her time at the Lima University of Art, °»It is without question that I began to create my art as a Peruvian woman. But friends constantly commented that there were hints of °»Japanesque°… in my work°…. These comments encouraged Erika to explore °»Japanesque°…. With scholarship in hand, she left for Okinawa University in 2001. Okinawa was also the birthplace of Erika°«s grandparents. Confined to neither Peru or Japan exclusively, Erika spent the next 10 years honing her craft in New York, Columbia, The Philippines and elsewhere across the globe, making her the artist she has come to be known as today.

It was in Okinawa that Erika first encountered bingata. Bingata is dyed fabric that uses a wide variety of stencil paper patterns in decorating. This art form first began in Okinawa in the 15th Century and was used in the making of kimono and obi sashes. Erika took this Okinawan art form and combined it with a well-known Peruvian art known as retablo, or painting on a tile, that was introduced during the time of Spanish colonization and that took on a form of its own that is deeply engrained as Peruvian art form. Though retablos can be found throughout the Central and South Americas, they take a unique form and definition depending on the local culture, and though they certainly cannot be confined to one blanketing definition, it can be said that they were displayed on Catholic altars. Later, wooden retablos in simplistic three-dimensional relief were brought into homes for use in personal worship.

Erika applies bingata in a quasi-geometric pattern to the surface of box-shaped or half three-dimensional retablo backing or structure. Therein she places a figurine, or effigy of pre-Columbians who flourished prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. These graphic patterns are traced in white and distributed evenly on a plane. Then, to symbolize the elements of cross-cultures that have overcome these times and spaces, she places an obi on the work of art.

The hints for painting patterns garnered from Okinawan bingata art plus the retablos that sparked the geometric shapes plus the pre-Columbian effigies plus the obi motif tying these elements all together culminate in Erika°«s fundamental hybrid art form. But, needless to say, her art that she does from day to day is not confined to any particular terminology (in this case Nikkei). She looks forward to when her art next morphs and it is during the process itself that a work first becomes visible. Where the road next takes her and whether that work will be Nikkei Art is something to look forward to indeed.



1988-89 Painting, drawing and sculpture at Art Museum of Lima (Peru)
1990 Drawing at Joe d°«Leon Institute (Peru)
1994 Drawing and experimental study at Fine Art school of Corriente Alterna (Peru)
1995 Painting at National Fine Art University ENSABAP (Peru)
2001-02 Japanese painting at Okinawa Art University (Japan)

Awards and Mentions

1995 Angel Chavez Lopez Gold medal from National Fine Art University (Peru)
Honorable mention from Quimica Gamma Inc. (Peru)
Camino Brent 1995 award from Arte Camino Brent Gallery (Peru)
1996 Honorable mention from San Isidro Municipality and cultural magazine °»Tu y el Arte°… (Peru)
First Honorable Prize from °»ARTE JOVEN°… by 2V°«s Gallery (Peru)
2003 ¬Ť16≤ůĺŚŐÓ§őŅĻ»ĢĹ—īŘ°÷∆Łň‹§őľęŃ≥§Ú…ѧĮŇł°◊∆Ģĺř
¬Ť10≤ů∂šļ¬ĺģŐÓ≤ŤŌ≠°÷łĹ¬Ś»ĢĹ—ĺģļÓ… Ňł°◊∆Ģĺř
2005 Special Prize from the XXIII ARTEX NEW YORK 2005 by Ward Nasse Gallery (USA)
2006 Excellent Prize from the II Kawakyu Kimono Design Competition (Japan)

2001 ≤≠∆žł©≥§≥įį‹ĹĽľ‘ĺ©≥ō∂‚°÷≤≠∆žł©ő©∑›Ĺ—¬Á≥ōőĪ≥ō°◊1«Įī÷
2002 ∆Łň‹ĻŮņĮ…‹ ł≤Ĺń£°÷≥įĻŮŅÕļÓ≤»•◊•Ū•į•ť•ŗ°◊8•Ų∑Óī÷

Group Exhibitions

1988 °»V work-shop of Lima Art Museum Salon°… by Lima Art Museum (Lima)
1990 °»VII work-shop of Lima Art Museum Salon°… by Lima Art Museum (Lima)
1994 °»Fine Arts Students°… by National Engineering University (Lima)
°»Dioses, Santos y otras razones°… by Extramuros Gallery (Lima)
°»Propuestas°… at Chateau Lumiere of French Alliance of Lima (Lima)
°»Variaciones°… at San Marcos National University°«s gallery (Lima)
°»Paisaje Urbano°… at Lince Municipality (Lima)
°»Futuros Artistas Nacionales de la Escuela de Bellas Artes°… at Lince Cultural Hall (Lima)
°»Drawing and Paintings°… at Joe d°«Leon Gallery (Lima)
°»Promocion de Dibujos 1993°… Commerce Bank Fundation Gallery (Lima)
°»Salon Anual 1993°… at Nation Museum (Lima)

°» Fine Arts Graduated Students°… at Soviet Peruvian Cultural Center Gallery (Lima)
°»VII Matices y Colores°… at Cartagena Agreement Assembly (Lima)
°»X Reflexion°… at USA/Peru Cultural Institute Head Office by Juan Pardo Heeren Gallery (Lima)

1996 °»Premiados de la Promocion 1995 of Fine Arts School of Peru at the Jose Enrique Guerrero Exhibition Hall of Modern Art Museum and Ecuadorian Cultural House Benjamin Carrion (Quito)
°»El Libro de los Seres Imaginarios°… Homage to Jorge Luis Borges at Praxis International Gallery (Lima)
°»Art Oction°… at the Sheraton Hotel (Lima)
°»Contemporary Art°… at North American and Peruvian Culture Institute (Lima)
°»Small and Mediam Size Paintings of Contemporary Artists°… at Fine Arts University of Peru (Lima)
°»Sculpture, Engraving and Paintings Exhibition°… at Ferrenafe Municipality (Lima)
°»ENTORNOS°… in L°«Imaginaire Gallery at French Alliance of Lima (Lima)
°»Japan Cultural Week°… at Peru/Japan Cultural Center Jinnai Gallery (Lima)
°»Inaugural Exhibition°… at the Fine Arts University of Peru (Lima)
°»Graduated from the National Fine Arts University of Peru°… at Federico Villarreal Engineering University Gallery (Lima)
°»Mientras Lima duerme°… at Commerce Bank°«s Gallery (Lima)
°»Painting Exhibition°… Orval Design and Art School Gallery (Lima)
°»Jovenes Valores°… at International Praxis Gallery (Lima)
°»Ser Artista Joven en el Peru°… at Extramuros Gallery (Peru)
°»Honor al Merito°… at the Northe American and Peruvian Cultural INstitute of Miraflores (Lima)
°»Promocion 1995 Angel Chavez Lopez°… at the Nation Museum (Lima)
1997 •’•°•√•Š•’•°•∂•Í•ģ•„•ť•Í°ľ° •Ļ•§•Ļ°ň
1998 °»Nikkei Peruvian Paintings°… at the Federal finance Bank hall (Brazilia)
°»Peruvian Art Show°… at Credit Bank Exhibition hall (La Paz & Quito)
°»Contemporary Art°… at Eddi Galleries (San Francisco)
°»Peruvian Arts towards the next Millenium°… at Los Angeles Pasadena City Public Library (Los Angeles)
°»Contemporary Peruvian Artists°… at Irapuato Cultural House (Guanajuato)
°»Women in the art°… at Felipe Cossio del Pomar Gallery in San Isidro Municipality (Lima)
°»Unidos por el Arte°… at Felipe Cossio del Pomar Gallery in San Isidro Municipality (Lima) and Oswaldo Guayasamin Foundation (Quito)
°»Los Colores de nuestra Tierra°… at the Commerce Bank Gallery (Lima)
°»Semana de la Mujer°… at Sitio museum of Ricardo Palma Cultural Center (Lima)
°»Pro-Educacion°… at the Nation Museum (Lima)
1999 °»Pictorica de Artistas Peruanos Nikkei°… (Havana)
°»Nikkei Contemporary Paintings°… at Trid°«os Gallery (Tegucigalpa)
°»Contemporary Paintings from Japanese Origin Artists°… 100 year Anniversary of Japanese Immigrants to Peru at Andres Bello Green Hall (Lima)
°»Homage to Carlos Aitor Castillo°… at Cultural Center of the Fine Arts University of Peru (Lima)
°»La Mujer en el Arte°… at Felipe Cossio del Pomar Gallery of San Isidro Municipality (Lima)
°»Haiku y las Artes Plasticas°… at Ryoichi Jinnai Gallery of Nikkei Cultural Center; Riva Aguero Institute Exposition Hall; Catholic University of Pontifical Study Center (Lima)
°»Encuentro Generacional por el Arte°… at Jinnai Gallery of Nikkei Cultural Center (Lima)
°»Los Colores de nuestra Tierra°… at Commerce Bank Gallery (Lima)
2000 °»Nuevos Horizontes°… VI Visual Art Exhibition at Scarborough Civic Center Art Gallery (Toronto)
°»Presencia de Vida°… at World Trade Center (Jakarta)
°»Peruvian Contemporary Artist of Japanese Origin°… at PROARTES (Cali); Prefectural Institute of Culture (Tunja); Modern Art Museum (Cartagena); Antioquia University Gallery (Medellin)
2001 °»Circunstancias de la Vida°… at Manila Metropolitan Museum (Manila)
°»Rizutai Shukan°… at Naha City Gallery (Naha)
°»La Mujer en el Arte°… at Felipe Cossio del Pomar Gallery of San Isidro Municipality (Lima)
°»Ellas y sus Pinceles°… at America 92 Gallery (Lima)
2002 °»Shikiten°… at Across Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2003 °»Latin American Art Part-III°… at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)
°»International Exhibition ART MIRAI°… at Ueno Art Museum (Tokyo)
°»Movimiento Fetal de la Tierra°… at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)
°»10th Edition of Contemporary Art SHOJIN°… at Ono Ginza Gallery (Tokyo)
2004 °»Yokohama Art Show°… at Yokohama City Hall Gallery (Yokohama)
2005 °»23th ARTEX NEW YORK°… by Ward Nasse Gallery (New York)
°»Kamensouten°… at GK Gallery (Tokyo)
°»SIAPPE 2005°… International Art Salon at Palais des Congres (Perpignan)
2006 °»AKASHA°… at Ashikaga City Art Museum (Tochigi)
2007 Okinawa Prefectural Contemporary Art Museum (Naha)
°»La Otra Cara de la Medalla°… Cultural Center of the Fine Arts University of Peru (Lima)
2008 °»Nikkei Contemporary Art in Peru°… at Pedro de Osma Art Museum (Lima)
°»Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art TODAY°… at PROMO-ARTE Gallery (Tokyo)
2009 “Nikkei Art, Tradition, Beauty and Spirituality” at Ryoichi Jinnai Gallery of Nikkei Cultural Center (Lima)
“Expression and Transfer” at Prefectural Art Museum of Okinawa (Naha)
2010 Latin American Contemporary Art exhibition at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)

Peruvian Artist exhibition "Erika Nakasone & Ozwaldo Higuchi"at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)
"Multiple Visualization " Latin American Contemporary Art Exhibition at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)

2012 "Light and Shadow "of Latin American colonial period at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)
The 12th Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art Exhibition "TODAY" Part1 at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)
The 12th Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art Exhibition "TODAY" Part2 at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)
"Latin American Art exhibition Vol.2" at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)

Solo Exhibitions

1996 °»Figuras y Figuraciones°… at Raul Porras Barnechea Gallery and Ricardo Palma Cultural Center (Lima)
2000 °»BI-Vencias°… at Ryoichi Jinnai Nikkei Cultural Center (Lima)
2001 °»95 Year Before°… at Asian Flowers Gallery (Naha)
2002 °»Existencia Imaginaria°… at Prefectural Art University gallery (Naha)
2004 °»Inside NAKA°… at Ginza Ono Gallery (Tokyo)
2005 °»Erika Nakasone paintings°… at Toyokawa Prefectural hall (Toyokawa)
2006 °»In Japan 2003 to 2006°… at the Embassy of the Rep. of Peru in Japan (Tokyo)
2007 °»Mini paiting show°… at Ashikaga City gallery (Tochigi)
2008 °»SOY YO,.....ERIKA,.....Erika Nakasone°… at Inca Garxilazo de la Vega Cultural Center programed for APEC summit events (Lima)
2009 °»FURUSATO°… Camino a la identidad at Nikkei Cultural Center, celebration event of 110 anniversary of Japanese Emigrant to Peru (Lima)
2010 °»NEO-BARIQUE°… at PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery (Tokyo)


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