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Spanish contemporary artist
Arturo Berned
1966, Born in Madrid.

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Extensive list of Arturo Berned's best works.

stainless steel
stainless steel


Arturo Berned (Spain)

Arturo Berned (Madrid, 1966) is an architect and sculptor whose work is based upon the reinterpretation of both shapes and metal. With an abstract approach, his works are conceived on the basis of the laws of mathematics and highly symbolic geometric impulses, the result of which is a series of works created on the basis of the golden ration (also known as the golden number or the phi number). Graduating in 1993 with a Degree in Architecture and for several years responsible for the Projects and works Department at the Carlos Lamela Studio, it was in 2000 that he began to seriously follow his vocation for sculpture. Over the past 15 years he has produced an intense body of monumental or urban works which is one of the identifying marks of his artistic work. An outstanding knowledge of metal means that his works are conceived using either corten or lacquered stainless steel interspersed with the employment of aluminium and bronze. In 2000 he was for the first time recognised with the international award "Puerta Escultura Loewe" and again in 2012, the IVAM is host to what so far has been his most extensive exhibition. The 50 works held by this museum in Valencia represent a journey through the artist´s creative world. In 2013 he was selected to be the first Spanish artist to submit his version of the classic ´Lady Dior` bag in the exhibition ´Lady Dior As Seen By` and shortly afterwards was chosen to represent Spain in the ´Dual Year - Spain-Japan` (2013 - 2014). The Grin-Grin Park in the city of Fukuoka is host to a series of Berned´s sculptural works sponsored by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito (Pritker Award winner in 2013) comprising eight works which are a tribute to the people and the customs of Japan. Berned´s works have also been exhibited at Art Miami (2014), the Bienal del Sur, Panama (2013) and Espacio Leitner, Madrid (2011).


1998 Daily Objects. Vanguardia Gallery , Bilbao (1998).
2000 Architects plastic work . Cultural foundation COAM, Madrid (2000)
2008 Lamela studio, Madrid (2008)
2009 Zielo Mall , Madrid (2009)
Open Art Fair, Holland (2009)
Gaudí Gallery, Madrid (2009)
Art Madrid ' 09, Madrid (2009)
Flecha ' 09, Madrid (2009)
2010 Exhibition " contemporary Sculptors " Steel forest, Cuenca (2010)
Ansorena Gallery Madrid (2010)
2011 Espacio de Las Artes, Madrid (2011)
Feriarte, Madrid (2011)
Arturo Berned (1+v5)/2, Leitner Building , Madrid (2011)
Art Madrid ' 11, Madrid (2011)
IV Biennial Contemporary Art ONCE, Madrid (2012)
Museum IVAM, Valencia (2012)
2013 Biennial of the South, Panama (2013)
Summer Group Show Miami (2013)
Art Madrid ' 13, Madrid (2013)
Art Aspen Aspen (2013)
2014 Sammer Gallery, Miami (2014)
Art Miami, Miami (2014)
The Sculpture Exhibition by Ibero-American Artists. Promo-arte, Tokyo, Japan (2014)
"MU" and "MA" exhibititon. Promo-arte, Tokyo, Japan (2014)
Art Aspen, Aspen (2014)
PIE (Sculpture International Park), Madrid (2014)
MU, Representative of Spain in the Dual Year Spain - Japan, Grin-Grin Park (Fukuoka), Japan (2013-2014)
2015 New Year's Collection Exhibition 2015. Promo-arte, Tokyo, Japan (2014)
2016 Caribbean Contemporary Art Exhibition, in Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan
“Three dimension art works exhibition” in Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan


MORI Museum
MITSUI Collection
IVAM Collection
BMW Collection
GESTAMP Collection
Group CASER Collection
IBERDROLA Collection
Soller Museum , Palma de Mallorca
LOEWE Foundation
Maraya Foundation
Ministry of Economy And Finance
UNESID Union of Metallurgical Companies


2001 The First prize International Contest Door Sculpture Flagship Loewe, Madrid
2007 Selected in the International Prize of Sculpture Constructions Sacejo, Oviedo
2008 International Prize of Sculpture of Box Estremadura, Cáceres
2012 The First Prize International Contest Monumental Sculpture Port Venice, Zaragoza
2013 Selected by International Contest of public sculpture Parque del Levante, Murcia

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