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Korean contemporary artist
Jang Jeong Hwa
Born in Korea.

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Extensive list of Jang Jeong Hwa's best works.

Un titled
Oil on Canvas
Un titled
Oil on Canvas


Jang Jeong Hwa (Korea)

JANG JEONG HWA was born in Busan, Korea in 1970 and obtained Master in art after Bachelor in the same field at the New York University. Currently she lives and works in Paris, France.

Selected exhibition:

2001 Goethe-Sentrum Busan (Korea)
2001 Galerie Nicolas Deman in Paris (France)
2002 PROMO-ARTE Gallery in Tokyo (Japan)
2003 PROMO-ARTE Gallery in Tokyo (Japan)
2004 SAC, Hangram, Art Museum in Seoul (Korea)
2007 Milarte Gallery in Milano (Italy)
2010 INSA Gallery in Seoul (Korea)
2012 Soul Art Gallery in Busan (Korea)

PROMO-ARTE Gallery in Tokyo (Japan)


What's the one who the artist is? Nature will not have to be interpreted as beautiful and perfect reproduction.  Philosophy that can be shared as a modern 21st. century living has gone increasingly become smaller. Nevertheless, the reason I want to be an artist because I want to convey 'the beauty.
   My work is starting in the question. What are natural objects boundaries? Can I saw the boundaries of material I am just looking to change without passage of time? Why do I have to stick to the border? But because I think the desire expressed circulation at the same time breaking down the boundaries only make endless deep look into?

     Unanswered questions, process of finding the answers and attitudes that seem important. My job is a journey to visit an answer. If I am not mindfulness and awareness, it is difficult to feel the beauty of the journey.

May 27th., 2015 Jang, JH


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