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Gustavo Velez+Takashi Yukawa - Incontro a Pietrasanta

2006.06.15-27 12:00 -19:00(Closed on Mondays)

*Opening party: 2006.06.15 18:00-19:30
. Please come and join us!

.......Incontro a Pietrasanta

Pietrasanta, a sculptures’ sacred place since Michelangelo created his greatest masterpieces, brought these two artists together. Their pieces are result of a dialog started with Pietrasanta’s spirit and its carrara marbles, and eventually evolved to terracotta, bronze and wood sculptures, displayed in this exhibition.

Faraonica, 2006 bronze

on sale

Faraonica, 2006 bronze

on sale

Vigor, 2006
Cararra&s white Estatuario marble

on sale

Woman stand with eyes closed
About the artists
Gustavo Velez

1975 -born in Medellin, Colombia.

1993 - 1995 - ARTISTIC DRAWING, Bellas Artes Institute, Medellin - Colombia .

1994, 1995 - SCULPTURE, Eladio Velez Art School. Itagui − Colombia.

1996 - SCULPTURE, Lorenzo de Medici Art School.
Florence − Italy.
Moving shapes

Kaoru Kato - Latin American Art researcher and professor at Kanagawa University

Velez's works are not mobiles, but their shapes make them look as if the sculptures are growing, even flying, like a plant has its roots firmly fixed in the ground, and yet its branches and leaves grow slowly toward sky until its seeds burst open, high and far. Entwining elegant lines, the thin, light sculptures depict Velez's particular way of creating tridimensional shapes.
From every angle, their forms are seamless and lines, dynamic; their shapes change when light changes, giving the spectator an infinite, pleasant possibility of viewing the pieces.

Melting into space

Yoshiharu Sasaki - Arts and Science section chief of Iwaki city Art Museum

It's hard to say who created the first sculpture made of both terracotta and wood, but fortunately when speaking of Takashi Yukawa's sculptures, you will realize this information is not necessary.
His works are not based on anything created before. The sculptures are soft, in the way their outlines melt into the space.
I have to confess the way the sculpture occupy the space is like
"love", soft and tender.

Takashi Yukawa

1961 - Born in Tokyo .

1988 - Master degree from
Tama University of Fine Arts, Tokyo.

2001 - studied at Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, Italy.


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