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Nelson Dominguez prints exhbition
from April, 06th, 2007


from April, 06th (Fri.), 2007 
12:00 -19:00
(Closed on Mondays)

Cuban artist Nelson Dominguez works

All about Nelson Dominguez

"Ceremonia Negra" 1998
Exhibited at Miura Museum of Art, 1999

"La Mateodora" 1995
Exhibited at Miura Museum of Art, 1999

Nelson Dominguez. The Silence of Earth.
By Tony Pinera
After you stop looking at Nelson Dominguez's work, and look at it again, an unmistakable impression warns you that you are faced with something original and even primitive. Something unyielding, beyond style, that seems to be of paramount importance to art.
Absorption, deep fantasy of matter, resistance. And if one looks through so many fulfillments and attempts, over the abyss that separates the now from everything that was before, resistance acquires a metaphysical, almost mythical dimension: it becomes the affirmative survival that announces the final word has not yet been said. And that, despite all revelations, something remains within a sacred secret, overcast by silence. It is the silence of the earth, of the Cuban landscape, which the artist knows to perfection.
Nelson Dominguez (Baire. Santiago de Cuba, 1947) is like a chemist who looks for reactions and tirelessly investigates into matter. An experimenter who, with talent and luck, has tried his hand at the most varied techniques resortings to interesting expressive resources. In them, he finds the right words to "convey" messages to the onlooker, availing of any means: clay. glass, wood, metal, fabrics, paper. It could be said, surfaces cannot resist his artistic onslaughts.
In the immense laboratory (Art), the creator pays no attention to the limits between artistic expressions. For, since the beginning, research/experimentation were a part of his work. The mores of and the nostalgia for his native countryside shaped his artistic visions.
From his roots, Nelson approached the rural world with humor, delicacy and poetry, The natural and the human entwine in his works, in an atmosphere of stories and legends reminiscent of the path cleared by Victor Manuel, Amelia Pelaez, Carlos Enriquez, the pioneers of the Cuban avant-garde. But he faces it with originality My memories of the Sierra Maestra live in me because for someone who has titled the soil since childhood, the countryside is like the past/present constantly within oneself: the land, nature, are always with me wherever I go, says the artist. At the time of the triumph of the Revolution -he adds- we lived in Caney de las Mercedes, in the Sierra Maestra, and that's how I began to study at the "Camilo Cienfuegos" school. There was a painting workshop there. One day, out of curiosity. I went in. I liked it and stayed doing ceramics. I also engraved and painted. Curiously enough. I've kept on doing those three things which I love deeply. Many adventures await Nelson, who still paints with his same, original passion. He know he has left many miles behind him and works at his studio like an artisan and a magician, his back turned to every recipe designed to tame fantasy.
Courtesy of Magazine Habanera

"(...) An artist who captures the special essence of Cuba as a country, as well as one who understands the potency and evolution of art, and wo has the capacity to sense the inherent beauty in people from all times and places."
Manuel Lopez Oliva, painter and art critics

Solo Exhibitions

1970 Paint and Coal. L y 23 Gallery, Havana, Cuba
1976 Engravings. Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba
1983 Retrospective. National Museum of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba. Paintings, drawings, engravings and ceramics realized in ten years of professional work.
1984 Francoise Tournle Gallery. Paris, France.
Callow Blanc Gallery. Paris, France
Casa de la Cultura Cubana. Prague, Czechoslovakia
1986 Galery dell Incisione. Venice Live. Venice, Italy
Old Town Hall. Zagreb, Yugoslavia
1987 Painting. Sao Paulo, Brazil
1988 Painting on paper. Sambrica, Sicily, Italy
Two Cuban Artist. Montagno, Lenguado. Verona, Italy
1989 Drawings and Illustrations. International Graphics Center. Venice, Italy
Recent paintings. Espacio Abierto Gallery. Havana, Cuba
Amicizia. Portnoy, Literary Caf_. Milan, Italy
Lithography. Victor Manuel Gallery. Havana, Cuba
Vigado Gallery. Hungary
1990 Painting, Ceramic and Murano Glass Sculpture. Italian-Latin American
Institute, Rome, Italy
Illustrations and Lithography. International Graphics Center. Rome, Intaly
Drawings and Paintings. Victor Manuel Gallery. Havana, Cuba
Graphic Biennial. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Illustrations for the book "Pensieri"by Franco Avicolli. International Graphics Center. Venice and Treviso, Italy
Ceramics Exhibit. Ceramics Studio. Treviso, Italy
1991 Painting. Poliforum Siqueiros. Chamber of Commerce. Mexico D.F.
SECOFI Exposition Hall. Mexico D.F.
1992 Municipal Museum of Kyoto. Kyoto, Japan
1993 Promo-Arte Latin-American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
1994 Casa de Las Americas. Madrid, Spain
Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF). Yokohama, Japan
Casa de Cantabria. Madrid, Spain
Seduction Trio. Acacia Gallery. Havana, Cuba
Paintings and engravings. Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery and Spark Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
1995 Gallery Yugen. Tokyo, Japan
Sport Nippon Newspaper Co. Tokyo, Japan
Gallery Shimizu. Shizuoka, Japan
Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
Paintings, Ceramics, Sculptures and Graphics. Galeria Los Oficios. Havana, Cuba
Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF). Yokohama, Japan
National Art Museum and International Press Center. Havana, Cuba
1996 Paitings and Graphics. Casa de Galicia. Madrid, Spain
Cuban Cultural Day. Prohibited Town Exhibition Hall. Beiging, China
Paiting and Ceramics. Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
Two Cuban Contemporary Artists Belkis Ayon and Nelson Dominguez. Hofstra Museum, Hofstra University. New York, U.S.A.
Nelson Dominguez Solo Exhibition. Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF). Yokohama, Japan
1997 Vancouver Art Fair. Vancouver, Canada
Paiting, Sculpture and Fan. Gracie-Lawrence Gallery. Boca Raton, U.S.A.
Fifty Aniversary Exposition Retrospective. Galeria Acacia. Havana, Cuba
Fifty years of Nelson Dominguez. Royal Force Castle. Havana, Cuba
Between Friends. National Theatre. Havana, Cuba
Fan Exposition. Tropicana. Havana, Cuba
1998 Centenary of Japanese Immigrant to Cuba. Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
Nelson Dominguez and his works. Art Gallery of Cienfuegos. Cienfuegos, Cuba
Ceramics. Miura Museum of Art. Matsuyama, Japan
1999   Miurart Village, Matasuyama, Japan.
Acostage Gallery, Takamatsu, Japan.
Ca et la Gallery, Okinawa, Japan.
Latin American Art Gallery
Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan.
Shimizu Gallery, Shizuoka, Japan.
Iwaki Gallery, Iwaki, Japan.
"El Pincel volador", 70th anniversary of Cubana de Aviación, Galeria los Oficios, Havana, Cuba.
2001..   "Monte Barreto Exhibition", 3ra y 72 Playa, Havana, Cuba.
"Hotel Trip Cayo Coco Exhibition", Ciego de Avila, Cuba.
"Nelson Dominguez at Pequeno Espacio", CNAP, Havana, Cuba.
"Grafica y algo mas", ICAIC Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
2002   Hoshigaoka Art Village, Kochi, Japan.
Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan.
Miurart Village, Matzuyama, Japan.
2003   "Nelson Dominguez", Havana City Museum, Cuba.
"Grabando sueños", LasTunas Provincial Center of Plastic Arts, Cuba.
"Dibujos y Grabados, Nelson Dominguez", Rum Museum Gallery Havana Club, Havana, Cuba.

Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte, Tokyo, Japan
USM University Exhibition, Penang, Malasya.
Twnhouse Gallery Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malasya.

Group Exhibitions

1976 National Museum Permanent Exhibit. Museum of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba
1980 Cuban Plastic Art. Gallery L. Havana, Cuba
International Engraving Biennial. Krakow, Poland
1981 Young Artists. Retrospective. Salon Lalo Carrasco. Havana, Cuba
First Look: 10 Young Artists from Today's Cuba. Westbeth Gallery. New York, U.S.A.
Mission Cultural Center. San Francisco, U.S.A.
1982 5+1 Cubains Espacelatioamericains. Paris, France
1983 International Contemporary Art Fair (FIAC). Grand Palais. Paris, France
1984 20 Contemporary Cuban Painters. Saint Cirq la Popie. Paris, France
FIAC. Grand Palais. Paris, France
1985 Cuban Engravings. Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design. Havana, Cuba
Hispanic American Cultural Center "Al Andar". Athens, Greece
National Welfare Organization Gallery. Athens, Greece
FIAC. Grand Palais. Paris, France
Salon de la Joven Pintura Francesa. Grand Palais. Paris, France
1986 Seventh San Juan Biennial. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Town Hall. Barcelona, Spain
The Metro Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Caracas, Venezuela
The Metro Gallery. Mexico City, Mexico
Porto Alegre Gallery. Brazil
Junge Kunstler Gallery. GDR
Exposition of Cuban Culture. Algiers, Algeria
Art with a Smile. Italy
1987 Arc'87. Quintero Gallery. Madrid, Spain
Eighth San Juan Bienniel. San Juan, Puerto Rico
Place of Cultures. Bello Horizonte, Brazil
Engraving '87. National Museum of Fine Arts. Havana, Cuba
1988 Spring Fair. Budapest, Hungary
Drawing Trienniel. Rijeka, Yugoslavia
Club 21 Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
Exposition of Cuban Culture. New Delhi, India
International Biennial. Friederstad, Norway
Eleventh International Exposition. Rijeka, Yugoslavia
Drawings Exposition. Tokyo, Japan
UNEAC National Salon of Plastic Arts. Havana, Cuba
Jaime Guasch First Biennial of Paintings. Barcelona, Spain
International Festival of Caribbean Art. Mexico
1989 Cuban Painting Today. Club 24. Madrid, Spain
Exposition of Cuban Culture. Hungary
Graphics Studio Artists. Argentina Plastic Arts Society. Argentine
Cuban Artists. Colombia, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines.
Cuban Paintings. Zaragoza, Spain; Paris, France
1990 Four Cuban Artists. Czechoslovakian House of Culture, Havana, Cuba
Belgrade Town Hall. Yugoslavia
Cuban Engravings. Museum of Colonial Art. Havana, Cuba
Intergrafik. GDR
1991 Lam in Memorium. Poliforum Siqueiros. Mexico. D.F.
Cuban Paintings. Gabriel Flores Gallery; University of Guadalajara, Mexico
The Cuban Revolution. "El Juglar"Cultural Center. Mexico D.F.
Eclipse of the Sun. Santa Teresa Convent Cultural Center. Mexico D.F.
Plastic Art Today. Pan American Villa, Victor Manuel Gallery. Havana, Cuba
Winter Expo Auction. Ghandi Gallery. Mexico D.F.
Collective Art. Wall Street Gallery. Mexico D.F.
1992 Cuban Pavillion Seville '92 for the Fifth Centennial of the Meeting of Two Worlds. Seville, Spain
Cuban Culture Week. Punta de Toledo. Madrid, Spain
Cuban Culture Week. Barcelona, Spain
Cuban Presence. Alfonso Art Gallery. Bogota, Colombia
Graphics Exhibit. Sapporo, Japan
Everything has Worth. Martinez Villena Hall. UNEAC. Havana, Cuba
1993 Myths and Mythologies. Vedado Salon, National Hotel. Havana, Cuba
Cuban Art. Hyatt Regency Hotel. Santiago de Chile, Chile
The Green Smile Foundation. Managua, Nicaragua
International Drawing Biennial. Clevedon, England
From the Sketch. Acacia Gallery. Havana, Cuba
The Jury Speaks. Haydee Santamaria Gallery. Casa de Las Americas. Havana, Cuba
Erotic Art. Acacia Gallery. Havana, Cuba
Cuban Art Now. Chelsa Gallery. Kingston, Jamaica
Cuba in Michoacan. Michoacan Cultural Institute. Mexico
Rites and Caribbean Landscapes. Contemporary Cuban Art ; Art Gallery Iztapalapa. Mexico
With their own hands. Paitings, Drawing, Engravings. Graphics Workshop. Havana, Cuba
1994 Arte del Momento. Brasil Valinhos Cuba.
Cuban Graphic. Carlos Olachea Art Gallery. Baja California Sur, Mexico
Cuban Painters Names. Solidaridad Salon, Habana Libre-Guitart Hotel. Havana, Cuba
Salon Pintura. National Hotel. Havana, Cuba
1999 "Baila mi Son" Galeria Acacia, Havana, Cuba
"Fidel's Bithday" Galeria Guayazamin, Havana, CubaHavana Club Exposition Space, Havana, Cuba
"Variaciones sobre lo Natural" Real Force Castle, Havana, CubaGolden Tulip Central Park's exposition space, Havana, Cuba
"Muestra Consultoria Juridica Internacional", Havana, Cuba
"Vanguardia y Retaguardia", Guayasamin Gallery, Havana, Cuba
"Homenaje al Siglo" Varadero Art Gallery, Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba
"Salon de Fin de Siglo Santiago de Cuba", Bacardi museum gallery, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
"Cuba Hacia un Nuevo Milenio", A&B Gallery, Panama City, Panama
"Six Cuban Painters Exposition", Galeria Arte Actual, La Dehesa, Santiago de Chile, Chile
"Suenos Fabriles III. La Luz del Caiman", Galeria Arte Contemporaneo, Cordoba, Argentina
2000 "El coma y la Muerte" III Simposio Internacional sobre el Coma y la Muerte,
Galeria del Palacio de las Convenciones, Havana, Cuba
"La Violenta Musica de la Libertad. IX International Book Fair,
Galeria los Oficios, Havana, Cuba
"Arte Cubano Aqui y Ahora", Sala Transitoria, Memoral Jose Marti, Havana, Cuba
"Memorias en Tres Tiempos" Art Gallery
"Martha Mechado", Isla de la Juventud, Cuba
"Sin Fin Sin Conten sin Medida
"Visual Art Development Center, Havana, Cuba
"International Contemporary Art Fair", Marbella, Spain
"Desarrollo y Corrientes de la Plastica Cubana Contemporanea
" Panama National Bank Museum, Panama
"Memorias en Tres Tiempos" Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Havana, Cuba
"The Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art TODAY", Miura Museum of Art, Matsuyama, Japan
"The Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art TODAY", Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2001 "Cuban Art TODAY" Gallery Villa Streccins, Germany
"Cuban Art TODAY"Gallery Kunstverein Norden, Germany"Cuban Art TODAY"Stadtissche Galerie Wollhalle, Germany
"Galeria los Oficios saluda 50 aniversario de la UNEAC" 2001 Tourism Convention, Havana, Cuba
"Reencuentro" Gallery Domingo Ravenet, Havana, Cuba
"After 30 Years" Gallery Fallad Jamis, Havana, Cuba
"Homenaje a las Ilustraciones"Gallery Casa de la Poesia, Havana, Cuba
"Cada uno es cada cual"(Painters from Santiago de Cuba)Provincial Center of Plastic Art and Design, Havana, Cuba
"Expo Natura" Gallery Mariano Rodriguez, Havana, Cuba
"Plastic Art and Mental Helth Biennial" Social Psychiatry Congress, Havana, Cuba
"III Identity Biennial"Casa de la Poesia, Havana, Cuba"EICTV: Toma 15, Cuban Painting, Accion
" Cultural Center ICAIC, Havana, Cuba
2002 "8th Erotic Art Exhibition Acepto Seducciones", Mariano Rodriguez Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
"4th Cigar Festival" (Auction), Habanos S.A. Havana, Cuba.
"20th International Fair of Havana, Pabexpo". Havana, Cuba.
"Vasija Biennal", Museo Nacional Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Havana, Cuba.
"Canto a mi Ciudad", Casa de la Poesia, Havana, Cuba.
"Lam: his ceramic environment", Museo Nacional Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Havana, Cuba.
"Confluencias Amistosas", Mariano Rodriguez Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

"Ora Pro Nobis" San Carlos Seminary and Casa de la Obrapia, Havana, Cuba.
"4th International Exhibition Voces del Sur", Provincial Center of Plastic Art and Design, Havana, Cuba.
"Homage to Terry Fox", Maqueta de La Habana, Havana, Cuba.
"Arte soy entre las Artes", 150th Anniversary of Jose Marti, itinerant exhibition, Havana, Cuba.
" Hotel Playa Pesquero's opening", Hotel Gallery, Holguin, Cuba.
Erotic Art exhibition "En el borde", 1903 Gallery, Hotel Palacio O'Farrill, Havana, Cuba.
"Salvando Distancias", Tele - Pinar Gallery, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
"Nelson Dominguez: A Cuban Master" and "Jean-Pierre Chardat: CinemaPrive", SOHO Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
"From father to son", Casa Marcos, Holguin, Cuba.
"Metaphores and dreams of a family" Oriente Gallery, Caguayo Foundation, Santiago de Cuba,Cuba.
"Plastic Art and Mental Helth 2nd Biennial" Social Psychiatry Congress, Havana, Cuba
Basilica Menor de San Francisco de Asis, Havana, Cuba.
Contemporary Graphic Workshop, 23 and 12 Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
"Ceramic between friends" FCBC Ceramics workshop, Havana, Cuba.
"Fiesta de Oficios", La Acacia Gallery, Havana, Cuba.
"31 Contemporary Cuban Artists in Chile", BordeRio Gallery, Santiago de Chile, Chile.
"Arte Moda", Casa de la Obra pia, Havana, Cuba.
"African roots in post-modernity", Concha Ferrant Gallery, Guanabacoa, Havana, Cuba.

Fan - Untitled 1997
Exhibited at Cuban Contemporary art exposition, 1997

"Giver of Light" 1996
Piece of Miura Museum of Art collection

Nelson Dominguez works for sale

Muchacha con Platano, 2001
25.000 yens

for sale
*contact us for pricing

Pensando (gold)
Silkscreen , 2001

36.000 yens
for sale
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sin titulo
pastel on print , 2003

30.000 yens
for sale
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Muchacha con Platano
Silkscreen , 2001

for sale
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Feria de la Havana
Silkscreen , 1998

for sale
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Here you can check for more details about the artists whose works are shown in this exhibition.

Nelson Dominguez

Born in Baire, Santiago de Cuba, September 23, 1947.
Studied at the Cubanacan National Art School (1965-1970) and taught there (1970-1985). Professor and head of thePainting Department of the College of Arts (ISA) and faculty member of its Engraving Department.
Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba(UNEAC)and of the International Association of Plastic Artists(AIAP).
Was presented with the National Cultural award and the Alejo Carpentier award.

Awards and Mentions

1972 National Award. International Festival of Painting. Cannes, France
1976 Grand Prix. International Biennial of Woodcuts. Banzka Bystrika, Czechoslovakia.
Award in painting. Triennial of Committed Realistic Artists. Sofia, Bulgaria
1984 Award from the Alejo Carpemtier Center of Cultural Promotion. Havana, Cuba
1985 Third Honorable Mention. First International Graphics Exposition. Quito, Ecuador
1986 Special Award of the Formative Arts Society of Kuwait. Second Biennial of Havana. Havana, Cuba
1989 Award. Jaime Guash Biennial. Barcelona, Spain
1990 First Prize. Graphics Biennial. India

Other Nacional Distintions
Second Prize in painting and engraving. First Youth Salon of Havana. Havana
First Prize in painting and engraving. Secound Youth Salon of Havana. Havana
Second Prize in painting and engraving. Third Youth Salon of Havana. Havana
Award in line drawing. First Victor Manuel Engraving Triennial. Havana
First Prize in painting and engraving. First Professor's Salon. Havana
Second Prize in painting and engraving. (xylography). Second Professor's Salon. Havana
Second Prize in painting and engraving. Third Professor's Salon. Havana
First Prize in painting and First Mention in engraving. 26th of July Salon. Havana
First Prize in xylography. Second Salon of Engraving. Havana
Mention for xylography and linoleum. Third Engraving Salon. Havana
Mention in engraving. National Salon of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving. Havana

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