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Momose Tsunehiko Exhibition
"Picture postcard Paris"

April 1th(Thu.) to April 13th(Tue.), 2010
11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)
Place: Promo-Arte 2F Art-lobby
, 1F Space B
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Gallery , Arakawa art office

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please contact us by phone or e-mail

tel.: 03-3400-1995

2F Art-lobby Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

This side「Person who duplicates it Grand Louvre」
Interior「image Grand Louvre」

「Highroad artist」

Exhibition Hall


「The vicinity of Montmartre」

Exhibition Hall

「image Grand Louvre」

「In the cafe」

「Eiffel Tower」

「The town is average in Paris」

1F Space B Exhibition Hall

1F Space B Exhibition Hall 

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

「Shite island and The Seine river」

Exhibition Hall


Momose Tsunehiko


Born in Nagano-prefecture, Japan, September, 1947.
Studied at the Musashino Art University.


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