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"Rhythm in Space" by Vera de Rivales

April 16th(Fri.) to May 11th(Tues.), 2010
11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Place: Promo-Arte Lobby 2F&SpaceB 1F
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Gallery

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Art is the transfiguration of the banal. Is a philosohy, a way of expressing the lightest, clearest, most elevated aspects of the spirits. Art must awaken plesant sensations in the viewer. One can identify beauty by the pleasure it provides,whereas ugliness is identified with pain.
I have explored color, light, space and above all, transparency. Adapting historic Flemish technique, I developed my own way to create optical effects of rhytm in space. The colors give fullness to the forms : a spirit and a resonance which generate energy. The forms suggest a vision of an unknown world- virtual, capturing a moment of a voyage outside of time.
My work has evolved through several stages:
-oil on canvas. The forms appaer translucent and theree-dimensional.
- painted sculpture in relief on canvas. I extended the apparently 3D painted forms into real 3D.
- transparent painted sculpture. Is the real 3D.
- installation of oils on paper
- installation of painted transparent sculptures.


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Born in Paris of Russian and Venezuelan descent, Vera de Rivales studied in the Paris Art School with masters from Paris's Beaux-Arts School, Mr Quincy and Mr Lancelin.
History of Art in Louvre's school.

she has been living and working in Paris and Caracas.

she has been living and working in United States.

she is living and working in Paris and in her new studio in Douy in the south of Paris.

She received the prestigious Villa Medici fellowship out side of Rome with an extension, and spent 6 months in New-York to pursue her research and create painted and transparent sculptures in the Arman's studio

Mr Yoshii a Japan art merchant invited Vera to paint in one of his studios in Kiyoharu

(replica of the Ruche in Paris) and then she started to exhibit in Tokyo.
She exhibited in the Las Americas Museum in San Juan.with auspices from
Caracas's Cultural National Councel CONAC-Visual Art Section.

She exhibited in the international Fair in Shanghai and Canton in China.

By the Shanghai sculptures space to show her wall murals and sculptures.



VILLA MEDICI GRANT, out of Rome, from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1989, renewal of the VILLA MEDICI grant (outside of Roma).

1984, Special jury award from the Main d'Or Competition of the Paris Academy of Painting.

1974, Belgium Academy of Fine Arts.

1975, First Prize with Gold Metal, 2nd Salon Enghien-les-Bains (France)

1973, Special mention, from the Internacional Contemporary Fair from the Principality of Monaco.


Paris - Gene`ve - San Francisco - New-York - Miami - Philadelphia - Caracas - Merida Museum in Venezuela - Greece - Saint-Cloud Museum in France - Milan - Guadaloupe - Martinique - Barcelona - Francfort - Prince of Tonga - Japan - China.

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