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Charity Exhibition for Higashi-Nihon Earthquake Victims

From: April 21st(Thu.) to May 3rd(Tue.), 2011
11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Place: Promo-Arte Gallery All 2nd Floor
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Gallery


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"Every animal, every insect and humankind are all brothers since a long long time ago." Kenji Miyazawa, a great Japanese poet wrote this on his letter which expresses his thinking that a human being must live as a life of natural creation in nature.
He was born in 1896 when great Tsunami occured by a earthquake in Sanriku region. He passed away in 1933 when a great earthquake occured off Sanriku region. On the 3rd of November(3/11) of this year (1933) a famous poem "Ame ni mo makezu" was written on a small black notebook.

Not knowing whether it may be a destiny of number, a great earthquake occured on the 11th of March(11/3). In the face of this terrible sight, we cannot stop praying for the people and nature damaged by this disaster.

"What can we do?" nine artists asked and took small action to support for reconstruction with a big desire that children's future becomes brilliant and filled with a lot of hopes.
In this charity exhibition for Higashi-Nihon Earthquake, we donate all profits to children in a stricken area through "Executive committee of Japanese songs", Asahi Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun Social Welfare Organizaion and Foundation of Bellmark for Education Aid.

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Reception view

Exhibition Hall

Reception view

Reception view

Reception view

Reception view



Hiroshi Ikeda (Painter)

1964 Born in Chiba prefecture
2003 Solo exhibition in Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art
2007 Akiyama Art Gallery
2009 Hiro Gallery
2003 "Hiroshi Ikeda" exhibition Promo-Arte Gallery
2010 "Energy of beauty" "Hiroshi Ikeda new works"exhibition Promo-Arte Gallery

Gonzalo Pinilla (Colombian woodblock artist)
1971 Born in Colombia
1995 Completed MFA on oil painting and print in National University of Fine Art. Learned in Italy and produced works based on modern Latin American art.
Won two prizes by oil painting and printing works (in Mantova in 1997 and in Florence in 1999 respectively)

Hiraku Sato (Calligrapher)
Since he was impressed with "Gutetsu" of Yuichi Inoue, he has been pursueing a root of life force. He is creating his works everyday with spirit that he writes the last one before his death.

James Kudo (Brazilian painter)

He is one of the most famous Brazilian artists. He is active in Sao Paulo, Tokyo, New York, Nuremberg(Germany) and Canada.
In 1995, he was awarded the premio Gunther in the XX National Contest of Contemporary Art, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. In 1993, He was ararded a grand prize in th XXU Salao Bunkyo of Art, Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Keibun Miyamoto (Photographer)
Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Phography
Graduated from New York School of Visual Art
Started to work in New York
2002 He has been active based in Japan
Photograph collection of Hidetoshi Nakata "The face before war" "Amore Pace", Photograph collection of SMAP "Snap"
Photogpraph collection of infant hospital in Angkor "GIFT to children of Angkor"

Takashi Yukawa (Sculptor)
1961 Born in Tokyo
1988 Licenced graduate school of Tama Art University
1989 Completed the curator course of department of literature of Bukkyo University
2001 Learned in National Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy (by the end of 2002)

2009 Gallery Ai (Iwaki-shi), gallary ZEINXENO(Seoul)
2010 D&D Art Gallery(Colombia)
2010 Gallery Ciel (Utsunomiya-shi)  and many other solo/group exhibitions

Shotaro Yoshino (Sculptor)
Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, department of sculpture
Completed master's course of Tokyo Zokei Uiversity
Assistant in art study room of department of education, Bunkyo University,
Present- Assistant in a metal sculpture roomm Bunkyo University

2005.5 "Shotaro Yoshino" exhibition M's works gallery(Tokyo)
2006.5 "Shotaro Yoshino -POINT-" exhibition Gallery in Kawagoe-sanbancho
2006.8 "-Now, existing existence-」 Gallery BARCO(Kameari, Tokyo)
2008.8 "Cubic artists collections" Ginza K's Gallery(Tokyo)

Takahiro Watanabe (Painter)
Graduated from department of traditional Japanese painting in Musashino Art University
Completed a graduated course of traditional Japanese painting in Musashino Art University
Transferred to Rome, Italy. Has held solo/group exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagoya and Hiroshima.

2006 Presented his works in a corridor in Basilica of San Francesco, Assisi of Italy
2007 Participated in "The EAST and The EAST"
Colaborated with "MANDARINA DUCK". Held solo/gourp exhibitions at LIVE ART (Ebisu) and many other galleries


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the donation received from the following artists.

Nelson Dominguez

Roger Camous

Eduardo Vera Lastra




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