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From: Jun. 27th(Thu.), to July.9th(Tue.), 2013 11:00-19:00(Closed on Monday)
Place: PROMO-ARTE 2F All Floor
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery
Supperted by:Embassy of the Republic of Argentine


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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

「Family Dance」
Painted in iron, Wood, 2013

Painted in iron, Wood, 2013

Stainless, copper, tree, 2012

Painted in iron, Wood, 2013

■ About the Artist


Julio Goya

Solo Exhibitions
1988 Urasoe Culture Citizens hall,(Okinawa)
1989,91,93,96 Okinawa Gallery (Okinawa)
1994,95 Latin American Art Gallery (Tokio)
2001 Metal Art Museum (Chiba)
“   Gallery Caetla(Okinawa)
2002 Gallery ATS (Okinawa)
2004 Accent Gallery (Osaka)
“    Gallery Maronie III (Kioto)
“    Gallery ATS (Okinawa)
2005 Gallery Sora (Okinawa)
2006 Tozai Culture Center (Tokio)
2007 Embassy of the Argentine Republic (Tokio)
2008  Art Life Mitsuhashi (Kioto)
“    Gallery ATS (Okinawa)
2009  Gallery Caetla (Okinawa)
2010  Gallery Gregorio(Kioto)
2011  Ryubo Art Gallery (Okinawa)
“   Gallery Muku (Kobe)
“   Museo Casa de Yrurtia (Buenos Aires)

Group Exhibitions
1983 Small exhibitions by three artists. La Matanza Culture Center. Buenos Aires, Argentine
1990 Artists Today Sculpture Exhibitions. Naha Citizens Gallery. Okinawa, Japan
1996 "Goya Goyanes" San Martin culture Center. Buenos Aires, Argentine
1997 5th International Contemporary Art Festival NICAF'97. Yokohama, Japan
1998 Two artists exhibition. Space Art Gallery. Okinawa, Japan
    Two artists exhibition. Seijo Gallery. Miyagi, Japan
    Two artists exhibition. San Martin Culture Center. Buenos Aires, Argentine
1999 Art Forum-22 in Tama. Tokyo, Japan
    Art from Zao. Miyagi, Japan
2000 Aqua Celebration Art Exhibition. Tokyo, Japan
    Art meeting in Iwaki. Fukushima, Japan
Every years,at home and abroad

Awards & Mentions
1988 The 2nd.Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition (Nagano)
1991 The Suntory Prize’91 Exhibition (Tokio)
1992 The Osaka Triennale’92 InternationalCompetition of Sculpture (Osaka)
1993 The Fujisankei Biennale International Exhibition for Sculpture (Nagano)
1994 The Prize for Okinawa Times darly (Okinawa)
1995 The Prize for Horse Contest (Iwate)
1997 Setting the stage,Ricardo Rojas Culture Center (Buenos Aires)
1998 Invitation to a make Monument Argentina-Japan,Centenary a treaty of amity (Buenos Aires)
2000 Artist in residence,Valparaiso Foundation (Spain)
2002 Participation in Avignon Festival”off 2002” (France)
2007 Participation”Bienal Fin del Mundo”,Ushuaia,(Argentina)
Selected public collections
The Utsukushi-ga-kara Open-air Museum (Nagano)
Iwate Horse Racing Oro Park (Iwate)
Habikino Culture Center (Osaka)
9th.of Avenue (Buenos Aires)
Rosario Community Park (Santa Fe)
Nago Meio University (Okinawa)
Okinawa National Theater (Okinawa)
Tedako Interchange Center (Okinawa)
Kurokawa inn Fine Art Museum(Fukuoka)
Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum(Okinawa)

Utsukushigahara Open-air Museum. Nagano, Japan
Urasoe Citizen's Culture Center Hall. Okinawa, Japan
Iwate Horse Racing "Oro Park". Iwate, Japan
Habikino Culture Center. Osaka, Japan
Rosario City Community Park. Santa Fe, Argentine
Koyo High School. Okinawa, Japan
9th of Avenue. Buenos Aires, Argentine
Nago Meio University Campus. Okinawa, Japan
Higashi Elemental School. Okinawa, Japan

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