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"Space of modern art"
Exhibition by Latin American and Japanese Artists

From: November 21st(Thu.), to December 10th(Tue.), 2013 at 2F Art-Lobby
Open:11:00-19:00(Closed on Monday)
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery


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Exhibition Hall

Hiraku Sato "Cup", "KYOU"
Gustavo Velez "VISION"

Exhibition Hall

Manuel Velazquez

Exhibition Hall

Carmen Carreno

Exhibition Hall

Hiroshi Ikeda
"Bird net" , "Imitation Gold"

Manuel Velazquez

Exhibition Hall

Gustavo Velez

1997-2002 Licenciado en la Facultad de Bellas Artes por el Instituto Superior Pedago´gico Enrique Jose´ Varona. Ciudad de La Habana. CUBA

2003-2007 Cursos de Postgrado de restauracio´n de pintura mural, pintura de caballete, madera, piedra y metales por la “UNESCO” (CENCREM). CUBA.

2008 Curso de alta decoracio´n Osaka. Barcelona. Espana

  Hiraku Sato

He is pursueing a root of life force for art activities after being shocked by "Stubbornness" of Yuichi Inoue. He creates the best one in his life thinking it is the last work he wrote before his death.
2010 Cuba×Japan "Contemporary Art Exhibition "TODAY"

Manuel Velazquez

Manuel Velazquez was born in Chiapas, Mexico, and later on vent to college in Xalapa, Veracruz, where he now lives and works. The rich and pre-Columbian history of these two Mexican states come alive through his artwork. These territories still draw respect and admiration in the present times. Since his childhood he would be exposed to amber-the natural resin in trees, and some of the pips actually recall light amber, or the more yellow/brown material, and some even seem to reveal fossils.


Hiroshi Ikeda

1964  Born in Chiba
2003 Solo exhibition in Kawamura Memorial Museum
2007 Solo exhibition in Akiyama Gallery
2009 Project exhibition in Hiro Gallery 2003  Hiroshi Ikeda Exhibition in PROMO-ARTE
2010  Energy of Beauty Exhibition / Hiroshi Ikeda new artworks exhibition in PROMO-RTE

Carmen Carreno

1959 Born in Santiago de Chile
1972 Live in Quito
1979-81 Carlos Maldonado Studio 77.
1983-85 Carmen Silva Studio 1632.
1986 Marcelo Vasconez Studio, drawing.
1987 Carlos Rosero Studio, print.
1988-90 Nicolas Svistoonof Studio, painting
1990 Marcelo Aguirre Studio, drawing


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