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"Latin American Art exhibition Vol.2"

From: Dec. 26th(Wed.), 2012 to Feb. 12th(Tue.), 2013 11:00-19:00
Place: PROMO-ARTE All 2nd floor
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery


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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Eduardo Roca (Choco) "Cango"
47x67cm. Collagraphy, ed3/8, 2002

James Kudo "Talking about the War-22"
58x20cm. Mixedmedia、2000

Erika Nakasone "Concientizacion"
W44xH54xD9cm, Acrylic on canvas,gold leaf on wood carving, 2010


■About the artist      

Abel Barroso

Born July 17,1971, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
1995 Graduated at Instituto Superior de Arte, La Habana. Cuba .
1990 Graduated at Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, La Habana. Cuba.

Ana M. Hoyos (Colombia)

Ana Mercedes Hoyos is one of the most outstanding figures in present day Colombian art. Her work has been the subject of three previous book s, received a wide critical commentary and figured in publications like Art News, Newsweek, Time and Art in America.

Eduardo Roca(Choco) (Cuba)

He is liked with nickname "Choco" and developped print technique of collagraph in all Cuba. When he visited Angola as a professor of Art, he recognized his roots in Africa. He awarded the 1st prize in Printing contest of Orense and also an honor prize in Print biennale of Latin American and Carribean.
Awarded the great prize in International Printing Triennale of Kochi (Japan)

Erika Nakasone (Peru)

1988-89 Painting, drawing and sculpture at Art Museum of Lima (Peru)
1990 Drawing at Joe d’Leon Institute (Peru)
1994 Drawing and experimental study at Fine Art school of Corriente Alterna (Peru)
1995 Painting at National Fine Art University ENSABAP (Peru)
2011 Japanese painting at Okinawa Art University (Japan)

James Kudo (Brazil)

1967 Born in Pereira Barreto, SP, Brazil
1990 Faculdade de Belas Artes de Sao Paulo
Art Student League, New York, USA

Jose Fors

Born in Havana of Cuba in 1958. Moved to USA in 1960. Educated drawsing from Roberto Martinez for 3 years since 1976. Got naturalized as a Mexican citizen in 1996. Held many exhibitions in USA and Mexico. Received awards in "9th Latin American and the Caribbean engraving Biennial exhibition" and "8th domestic contest of Jose Guadalupe Posada".
Julio Cesar Pena

Born in Holguin of Cuba. Started learning picture by himself and now he is participating actively as a member of Havana Graphic Atelier. Received the grand award in International Litographic Triennal Exhibition of Kanagawa in 2001. He is extending his activity all over the world enthusiastically. Resides in Havana now.
  Julio Goya

Born in Buenos Aires of Argentina in 1953. Graduated from the institute of National University of Art in Argentina. He has participated in many exhibitions and art fairs in Argentina and overseas. Received "2nd great award of Rodin" in Utsukushi-ga-hara open-air Museum, great award of International Contemporary Sculpture of Art in Fuji Sankei Biennial exhibition and incentive award of Art of Okinawa Times. Resides in Okinawa now.

Manuel Velazquez (Mexico)

Manuel Velazquez was born in Chiapas, Mexico, and later on vent to college in Xalapa, Veracruz, where he now lives and works. The rich and pre-Columbian history of these two Mexican states come alive through his artwork. These territories still draw respect and admiration in the present times. Since his childhood he would be exposed to amber-the natural resin in trees, and some of the pips actually recall light amber, or the more yellow/brown material, and some even seem to reveal fossils.


Moises Yagues

1972 - Molina de Segura. Murcia

Nelson Domi´nguez (Cuba)

1947 Born in Santiago de Cuba
1970 Graduated from Cubanacan National Art School
1970-85 Professor and head of thePainting Department of the College of Arts (ISA) and faculty member of its Engraving Department.Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and of the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP).
Was presented with the National Cultural award and the Alejo Carpentier award.


Sandra Ramos (Cuba)

1969 Born in Havana, Cuba
1983 Elemental School of Plastic Arts "20 de Octubre", Havana, Cuba
1988 San Alejandro Academy, Havana, Cuba
1993 Superior Institute of Art ISA, Havana, Cuba

Gustavo Ve´lez (Colombia)

Born in Medellin of Colombia. After educated drawing in Art Institute of Medellin, learned sculpture in Italy. His works are characterized by elegant curved lines and they present eternal pleasure to us. We can feel potential power of Colombian Contemporary Art from his works.


Horacio Carrena (Argentine)

Born in Buenos Aires of Argentina in 1955. Received the professor of institute of National University of Art in 1978. Started activities as artist in 1979. Principal history for International competition : The 3rd Carribean and Latin American International Art biennial exhibition(2007), The prize of the 3rd Contemporary Art of Antonio Guarda(2006)

Mario Velez

1968 Born in Medellin, Colombia
1988-91 National University of Colombia, Medellin
1992 Hochschule fur Angewandte Kunst in Vienna, Austria
1993-94 Graduated from National University of Colombia, Medellin
1995-96 Graduated from Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin, Germany
1996-97 Mastered in Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin, Germany
2001 Lives in New York


Martin Mendiza´bal

Born in Montevideo of Uruguay in 1960. Educated drawing and engraving in Guillermo Fernandez Studio in Montevideo. Received scholarship from Studio Camnitzer in Italy in 1988. Got a prize of National Bank of Uruguay in the 49th National Art Exhibition in 2001. More prizes.

Rafael Gil (Argentina)

Rafael Gil is born in Buenos Aires in 1942.
He is graduated from “Manuel Belgrano”
and “Prilidiano Pueyrredo´n” National Schools
of Fine Arts, as print and drawing professor.
He makes drawing studies with Naum
Goijman and lithography with Ernesto
Pesce. Since 1994 he receives Art Theory
Studies from Profesor Osvaldo Lo´pez


Yendris Patterson(Cuba)

1997-2002 Licenciado en la Facultad de Bellas Artes por el Instituto Superior Pedagogico Enrique Jose Varona. Ciudad de La Habana. CUBA
1998 Miembro de la Asociacion de jovenes creadores “HERMANOS SAIZ.” CIUDAD DE LA HABANA CUBA.
2002 Asociado de la Agencia de Autores Visuales, “ADAVIS”. CIUDAD DE LA HABANA CUBA.
2003 Miembro de la sociedad de arquitectos para la Restauracion del Patrimonio Cultural Isla de la Juventud. CUBA
Miembro del Proyecto Restauracion “TODAS LAS MANOS”, para la Restauracion del Casco Historico de CIUDAD DE LA HABANA. CUBA

Guy Petermann (France)

Born in Paris in 1951, self-taught, photography was from the start his preferred medium of expression. He has also worked in sculpture, but more sporadically. His artistic journey, distant by its very nature from academic, theoretical and technical teaching, has always drawn on his personal experiences for inspiration.


Gustavo Von Ha (Brazil)

Born 1977 in Presidente Prudente, Brazil. Currently lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Roberto Mamani Mamani

Bolivia is a landlocked country abundant in natural resources such as landscape of Titicaca Lake, the remains of Tiwanaku, Uyuni Salt Lake and Carnaval in Oruro.
He was born in Cochabamba in 1962. His works are known as a style which takes root in Indian history. His simple representational expression is so sensitive. His works consists of various vivid colors reflected from the Andes Mountains and nature, and also often are compared with Rufino Tamayo in Mexico.


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