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"Buenos Aires Laberintos de las memorias"
by Rafael Gil , Michiko Hoshino,Julio Goya

From : March 28th(Fri.), to April 8th(Tue.), 2014 at all 2nd floor

Open:11:00-19:00(Closed on Monday)
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery
Supperted by:Embassy of the Republic of Argentine


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Rafael Gil

Rafael Gil was born in Buenos Aires in 1942. He graduated from the “Manuel Belgrano” and “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” National Schools of Fine Arts, as a print and drawing professor.
He makes a postgrade study with Naum Goijman and Ernesto Pesce.

He completes a postgrade study on Art Theory with the Profesor Osvaldo López Chuhurra.
He participates in Municipal, Provincial and National Exhibitions, receiving several distinctions and awards.
He lectures on his discipline in Buenos Aires, the Argentine provinces, in Brasil, and in Lituania.
He acts as the curator for the “Contemporary Argentine Litography” exhibition for several years and also for “Alive Graphic and Alive Identity” in 1999 at Borges Cultural Center.
He was the curator for artist for several exhibitions at galleries, cultural center and museums in Buenos Aires.
He was the chairman of the Organizing Comitee for the Latinoamerican Graphic Argentine Biennial exhibitions at the National Print Museum in Buenos Aires.

Solo Exhibitions

1988 Woodcuts, Ejecutive Secretaries’ Argentine Institute. Buenos Aires.
Woodcuts, Xul Solar Art Galery. Buenos Aires.
1991 Litographies, Casa de Yrurtia Museum. Buenos Aires.
1992 Litographies, Altos de Sarmiento Galery, Buenos Aires.
1993 Drawings and Prints, Fine Arts Museum. Santa Rosa, La Pampa.
1997 Drawings and Prints, Alvaro Castagnino Art Galery. Buenos Aires.
1998 Litographies, Soukei Academy. Tokyo, Japan.
2000 Drawings, Komagane Kogen Art Museum, Japan.
2001 Prints, Museum of Huelva, Spain.
Lithographies, Museum of Fine Art Eduardo Sivori, Buenos Aires.
2003 Drawings and Prints, University Johann W. Goethe. Frankfurt and Main, Germany.
2004 Lithography, Atelier Presse Papier, Trois-Rivière, Quebec, Canada.
2005 Drawings and prints, Galleria Punto, Sokei Academy, Tokyo, Japan.
Drawings, Komagane Kogen Art Museum, Japan.
Drawings and prints, Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan.
2006 Prints, Museum of Huelva, Spain.
2008 "Lithography"CEGEP、Library Gallery (Canada)
2009 「Prints」Gallerie Art Cabo (Canada)
2012 「Detras del Muro」Prints/Drawing/Paintings
Jorge Luis Borges Cultural Center (Argentine)

Biennials and international exhibitions

1995 Argentine Prints. Argentine Embassy of Brasilia, Catolic Campinas University. Brasil.
1996 XVI Mini-Print International.Cadaqués. Spain.
XIV Ibiza Bienal “Ibiza Graphic ´96”.Spain.
Contemporaine Argentina Litography. 1th Edition. Print National Museum. Buenos Aires. (Curator artist).

Xylon 13th International Winterthur.Suiza.
Intergrafia ´97. Katowice, Poland.
2th International Graphic Triennial Bitola ´97. Macedonia Republic.
Contemporaine Argentine Litography. 2th Edition. Print National Museum. Buenos Aires. (Curator artist).

1998 XV Ibiza Biennial. Ibizagraphic ´98. Spain.
Miniprint International Triennial, Tama Art University Museum. Tokyo, Japan.
Print International Triennial. Kanagawa ´98. Japan.
XII Latinoamerican and Caribean Print Biennial of San Juan. Puerto Rico.
Contemporary Argentine Graphic, Kaire-Desine Galery. Lithuania (Invited artist).
Trace 1998, VI Biennial of Contemporaine Print. Paris, France.
XI Art Iberoamerican Biennial. 200 years of the Litography Invention. Mexico (Invited artist).
Argentine Graphic. 100 years of Argentine Japanese Relations exhibition. Tokyo. Komagane Kogen Art Museum. Japan (Invited artist).
“Los Derechos Humanos” exhibition in 50° Aniversary. Felicien Rops Museum. Namur, Belgic.
Contemporary Argentina Litography. 3th Edition. Borges Cultural Center. Buenos Aires. (Curator artist).
1999 Male Formy Grafiki, Lódz. Poland.
9th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exibition, R.O.C., Taiwan.
International Print Biennial Varna ´99. Bulgary.
XIII Máximo Ramos Print Prize, Ferrol. Spain.
Argentine Presence in Contemporaine Graphic. Modern Art Museum, Santo Domingo. Dominic Republic (Invited artist).
Internacional Euroamerican Exhibition.Cuzco, Perú (Invited artist).
Alive Graphic. Borges Cultural Center. Bs As (Curator artist).
4th Edition Contemporary Argentine Litography. “Eduardo Sívori” Museum. Buenos Aires (Curator artist).
2000 10th International Biennial Print and Drawing, R.O.C., Taiwan.
“Reveal-Harmonize”. Print Exhibition International. Macao Art Museum. China, (Invited artist).
Y2K International Exibition of Prints. National Taiwan Arts Education Institute. Taiwan. Japan Print Association. Kanagawa, Japan (Invited artist).
Argentine Prints 2000 years. Huelva Museum, Spain (Invited artist).
Alive Identity. Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires. (Curator artist).
VI International Art Triennial Majdanek 2000. Polony.
La Peña Cultural Center.Berkeley, USA.
2001 11th International Biennial Print and Drawing, R.O.C., Taiwan.
2002 International Triennial of Mini-Print, Tokyo, Japan.
Male Formy Grafiki, Lodz, Poland
Maximo Ramos Print Prize, Ferrol, Spain.
2003 International Print Triennial, Krakow, Poland.
11th International Biennial Print and Drawing, R.O.C.,Taiwan.
International Print Biennial Beijing, China.
4th International Triennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia.
12th International Print Biennial, Varna, Bulgaria.
2004 Biennial Ibizagraphic, Ibiza Spain.
2005 8th International Biennial of Drawing and Graphic Arts, Master of Graphic Arts, Gyor, Hungary (Invited artist).
Taiwan and the world, Taipei, Taiwan (invited artist).
5 Man, Galery Miyuki, Tokyo, Japan.
2006 5th International Triennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia.
12th International Biennial Print and Drawing Exhibition, R.O.C., Taiwan.
International Print Triennial, Krakow, Poland.
Argentine Graphic, Vilnius, Lituania (invited artist).
2007 Argentine Graphic. Tokyo, Japan
2008 "Detras del Muro" Prints/Drawing/Paintings
Jorge Luis Borges Cultural Center (Argentine)
2009 "GuanlanInternational Prints Biennial 2009" (China)
"VI Graphic Art Biennial" (Rusia)
2010 "XIV International Prints Biennial" (Taiwan)
2011 "Historial Stories Exhibition" Tamarindo Institute and Jorge Luis Borges Cultural Center (Argentine)
"X International Dry Point Graphic Art Biennial"
Special Mentioned (Yugoslavia)
"Wind of the Thousand Years" Graphic Art Exhibition (Korea)
2012 "Tokyo International Prints Exhibition 2012" (Japan)
"Trip à 3”, Viaje de tres Exhibition" (Canada)
"VII Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art TODAY" PROMO-ARTE Gallery (Japan)
2013 "XI International Dry Point Graphic Art Biennial" (Yugoslavia)
"VI HangzhouArt Fair" (China)
"Engraving World & Global Prints Exhibition" (Portugal)
"As de Juncos en Amarran Sancho Exhibition" (Argentine)

Works at the permanent collections of the following museum

Print National Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentine.
Contemporary Art Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentine.
Puerto Rico Culture’s Institute.Puerto Rico.
Ukranian Independent Center of Contemporary Art, Ucrania.
International Print Triennial Society. Poland.
U.E.C.L.A.A., University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art. England.
Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas.
Panstwowe Muzeum. Majdanek, Poland.
Komagane Kogen Art Museum, Japan.
Hito Art Museum, Japan.
Sakima Art Museum, Okinawa, Japan.
Taiwan Museum of Art, Taiwan.
Macau Museum of Art, China.
Beijing Tai-he Masterpiece, China.
National Library. Madrid, Spain.
Huelva Museum, Andalucía,Spain.
Diputacion of Huelva, Andalucia, Spain.
International Center of Contemporary Print. Betanzos,Spain.
Modern Art Museum, Santo Domingo, Dominic Republic.
Solidarity Museum Salvador Allende. Santiago, Chile.
Fundation Antonio Perez, Cuenca, Spain.
Atelier Presse Papier, Trois-Rivière, Quebec, Canada.
among others.


Michiko Hoshino

1934 Born in Tokyo
1956 Graduate from faculty of Literature, Tokyo Woman’s Christian Universoty 
1963 Graduate from faculty of fine arts, Tokyo University of the Arts (Oil Painting)
Present - member of Japan Print Association, member of Association of Traditional Japanese Paintings


1963 - 69 Presentation of pictures (Shirota Gallery, “Mainichi Gendai” Exposition etc.)
1971- Start to create monochrome and lithograph works and present exhibit only prints onwards
1972-present Exhibit in print exposition(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
1978-present Exhibit in “Kokuten” exposition(The National Art Center, Tokyo)
1982 Publish a collection of prints “Mirror of Borges”(VIVANT Gallery)
1986 “A symbol in the changing time” (stored in The British Museum)
1987 “Actual icon” (The Museum o Modern Art, Saitama)
1988 Solo exhibition “mourning for Borges”(Striped House Gallery)
1990 Study in New York and Buenos Aires as a trainee of Japanese Government Overseas Study Programme for Artists
1991 Solo exhibition sponsored by Borges Foundation (Buenos Aires)
International Prints Exhibition of Greece(stored in Thessaloniki State Museum)
1992 “The universe of books” (stored in Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts)
1993 Solo exhibition “Vist to the country of Borges”(Striped House Gallery)
1994 Solo exhibition, National Prints Museum of Argentina(Sponsored and stored by National Prints Museum of Argentina) 
1995 Publish a collection of prints “Poems of Borges - for yellow roses”(VIVANT Gallery)
1997 Solo exhibition of Chicago(Walsh Gallery)
Study waterless lithograph from Nick Semenoff(Canada)
Contemporary Prints of Japan Exhibition(Cultural Center, Embassy of Japan in Buenos Aires cooperated by the Embassy of Japan in Argentina)
Realize a lithograph technical lesson (AXA studio in Buenos Aires sponsored by National Prints Museum of Argentina)
1998 “Art of actual Japan” (’98-’99 National Museum of Kulakov, stored in National Museum of Modern History of Ljubljana)
1999 Solo exhibition “The centenary memorial of Borges’s birth”(Striped House Museum)
Hold a memorial symposium receiving Maria Kodama
Formation of association of Borges(create digital prints onwards)
Exhibit in the 4th Latin American Biennial as a invited artist(Buenos Aires)
1999-00 Solo exhibition : The centenary memorial of Borges’s birth (sponsored by Borges Center, National Prints Museum of Argentina)
2000-01 “Contemporary Japanese woodblock artists, grandchildren of Hokusai” (stored in Sweden print house)
2001 Solo exhibition in New York (Arts forum Gallery)
2006 Publish “A collection of prints of Michiko Hoshino” Catalogue raisonne(Abe publishing) 
2007 Solo exhibition in New York(New Art Center)
2009 Grand prize of the 14th Genta Yamaguchi award(stored in Shoji Museum and Tawaraya Museum)
2010 Contemporary Japanese woodblock artist (stored in Museum of Zhejiang)
2013 Solo exhibition in Seoul(PICI Gallery), Solo exhibition ”Special for sand books”(Hugos Gallery)
Solo exhibition “Poems of Borges - featuring for Buenos Aires” (Simon Gallery)

Overseas: Contemporary Japanese Prints exposition organized by museums in each country
    International Prints Biennial and Triennial of Kulakov and Ljubliana
    Foreign Art Fairs in New York, Seoul and Santa Fe, etc...


Julio Goya

1953 Born in Buenos Aires, Argentine.
1983 Graduates from Buenos Aires National University of Fine Arts.
1985 Moves to Japan

Solo Exhibitions

1988 Urasoe Culture Citizens hall,(Okinawa)
1989 Okinawa Gallery (Okinawa)
1991 Okinawa Gallery (Okinawa)
1993 Okinawa Gallery (Okinawa)
1994 Latin American Art Gallery (Tokio)
1995 Latin American Art Gallery (Tokio)
1996 Okinawa Gallery (Okinawa)
2001 Metal Art Museum (Chiba)
Gallery Caetla(Okinawa)
2002 Gallery ATS (Okinawa)
2004 Accent Gallery (Osaka)
Gallery Maronie III (Kioto)
Gallery ATS (Okinawa)
2005 Gallery Sora (Okinawa)
2006 Tozai Culture Center (Tokio)
2007 Embassy of the Argentine Republic (Tokio)
2008 Art Life Mitsuhashi (Kioto)
Gallery ATS (Okinawa)
2009 Gallery Caetla (Okinawa)
2010 Gallery Gregorio(Kioto)
2011 Ryubo Art Gallery (Okinawa)
Gallery Muku (Kobe)
Museo Casa de Yrurtia (Buenos Aires)
2013 Instituto Cervantes de Tokio(Tokio)
Latin American Art Gallery (Tokio)
Gallery Caetla (Okinawa)

Group Exhibitions

1983 Small exhibitions by three artists. La Matanza Culture Center. Buenos Aires, Argentine
1990 Artists Today Sculpture Exhibitions. Naha Citizens Gallery. Okinawa, Japan
1996 "Goya Goyanes" San Martin culture Center. Buenos Aires, Argentine
1997 5th International Contemporary Art Festival NICAF'97. Yokohama, Japan
1998 Two artists exhibition. Space Art Gallery. Okinawa, Japan
Two artists exhibition. Seijo Gallery. Miyagi, Japan
Two artists exhibition. San Martin Culture Center. Buenos Aires, Argentine
1999 Art Forum-22 in Tama. Tokyo, Japan
Art from Zao. Miyagi, Japan
2000 Aqua Celebration Art Exhibition. Tokyo, Japan
Art meeting in Iwaki. Fukushima, Japan
2002 Artist in Residence Programmes in Spain
2005 "Latin AmericanContemporary Art TODAY " PROMO-ARTE Tokyo, Japan
2007 "Latin AmericanContemporary Art TODAY " PROMO-ARTE Tokyo, Japan
"Biennial of the End of the World" Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego / Argentina
2009 "Latin AmericanContemporary Art TODAY " PROMO-ARTE Tokyo, Japan
2010 "Latin AmericanContemporary Art exhibition" PROMO-ARTE Tokyo, Japan
2012 "Latin American Art exhibition Vol.01,Vol.02" PROMO-ARTE Tokyo, Japan

Awards & Mentions

1988 The 2nd.Rodin Grand Prize Exhibition (Nagano)
1991 The Suntory Prize’91 Exhibition (Tokio)
1992 The Osaka Triennale’92 InternationalCompetition of Sculpture (Osaka)
1993 The Fujisankei Biennale International Exhibition for Sculpture (Nagano)
1994 The Prize for Okinawa Times darly (Okinawa)
1995 The Prize for Horse Contest (Iwate)
1997 Setting the stage,Ricardo Rojas Culture Center (Buenos Aires)
1998 Invitation to a make Monument Argentina-Japan,Centenary a treaty of amity (Buenos Aires)
2000 Artist in residence,Valparaiso Foundation (Spain)
2002 Participation in Avignon Festival”off 2002” (France)
2007 Participation”Bienal Fin del Mundo”,Ushuaia,(Argentina)
Selected public collections
The Utsukushi-ga-kara Open-air Museum (Nagano)
Iwate Horse Racing Oro Park (Iwate)
Habikino Culture Center (Osaka)
9th.of Avenue (Buenos Aires)
Rosario Community Park (Santa Fe)
Nago Meio University (Okinawa)
Okinawa National Theater (Okinawa)
Tedako Interchange Center (Okinawa)
Kurokawa inn Fine Art Museum(Fukuoka)
Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum(Okinawa)


Utsukushigahara Open-air Museum. Nagano, Japan
Urasoe Citizen's Culture Center Hall. Okinawa, Japan
Iwate Horse Racing "Oro Park". Iwate, Japan
Habikino Culture Center. Osaka, Japan
Rosario City Community Park. Santa Fe, Argentine
Koyo High School. Okinawa, Japan
9th of Avenue. Buenos Aires, Argentine
Nago Meio University Campus. Okinawa, Japan
Higashi Elemental School. Okinawa, Japan


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