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From : May 1st(Thu.), to June 10th(Tue.), 2014 at 2F Art-Lobby
Open:11:00-19:00(Closed on Monday)
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery


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Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Eduardo Roca(Choco) "Abrazo"
Collography, ed. 2/4. 82x55,5 cm., 2000,

Nelson Dominguez "Mujer Habanera"
Mixedmedia on papel, 42x30cm. 2005

Ana Mercedes Hoyos "Zenit"
Silkscreen, ed. P/A. 33.2x32.9cm. 1998

Nelson Dominguez "Madre Universal"
Mixedmedia on canvas, 100x80cm. 2005

Gustavo Velez "Espetrino"
H61xW18xD10cm. Stainless steel, 2012


Nelson Dominguez (Cuba)

Born in Baire, Santiago de Cuba, September 23, 1947.
Studied at the Cubanacan National Art School (1965-1970) and taught there (1970-1985). Professor and head of thePainting Department of the College of Arts (ISA) and faculty member of its Engraving Department.
Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and of the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP).
Was presented with the National Cultural award and the Alejo Carpentier award.

Awards and Mentions

1972 National Award. International Festival of Painting. Cannes, France
1976 Grand Prix. International Biennial of Woodcuts. Banzka Bystrika, Czechoslovakia.
Award in painting. Triennial of Committed Realistic Artists. Sofia, Bulgaria
1984 Award from the Alejo Carpemtier Center of Cultural Promotion. Havana, Cuba
1985 Third Honorable Mention. First International Graphics Exposition. Quito, Ecuador
1986 Special Award of the Formative Arts Society of Kuwait. Second Biennial of Havana. Havana, Cuba
1989 Award. Jaime Guash Biennial. Barcelona, Spain
1990 First Prize. Graphics Biennial. India
1995 Honorable mention, Latin American and Caribbean Prints Biennale, Barranquilla, Colombia
Honorable mention, Latin American Prints Biennale, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1996 Doyusha prize by Tenri Biennale, Nara, Japan
2009 National Award of Art by Cuban Ministry of Culture, Cuba

Ana Mercedes Hoyos (Colombia)

Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1942 to architect Manuel Jose
Hoyos, she studied art at a very young age, often accompanying her father to European museums to learn art history.
Educated at the University of the Andes and the National University in Bogota, she also studied privately with Luciano Jaramillo, Juan Antonio Roda, Arming Villegas and Marta Traba. Basing her work on the complex reality of Colombian culture, she is equally expressive in a variety of media. Through her painting, sculpture, print-making, collage, photography and textiles runs a motif of saturated color, magic and nature.

Awards and Mentions

1968 First Prize, Espacios Ambientales Exhibition, Bogota Museum of Modem Art, Bogota, ColombiaWinner of the National Theater Festival in Manizales, Manizales, Colombia
1971 Ciudad de Caracas Prize, XXII Salon de Artistas Nacionales, Caracas, Venezuela
1972 Pan American Life Insurance Company Prize, First Salon de Artistas, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University,
1975 Special Mention in the Exhibition Women Artists of the World, New Delhi, India
1978 First Prize, in the XXVIII Salon Nacional de Artes Visuales
1986 Primer Bodegon en la Historia del Arte is chosen for the cover of the Bogota Telephone Book.
1988 Newsweek Magazine chooses her as a representative figure of Latin American Art & devotes a page-long article to her in its "Interview" section.
1991 Primer Bodegon en la Historia del Arte is chosen for a Unicef Series of Postcards.
1992 The Colombian Governments Commission on the Fifth Centenary chooses her painting "Zenaida" for a postage stamp.Unicef chooses her Bodegon de Palenque for a new postcard.
1999 "Order of Democracy" The House of Representatives of Colombia
2000 An Honorary Degree in Fine Arts, University of Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
"Civil Order of Merit", City of Santa Fe de Bogota, ColombiaShe is invited President Bill Clinton & the United States Department of State to Participate in a Conference on "Cultu


Eduardo Roca (Choco)

1949 Born in Santiago on September 23, Cuba
1970 Graduated from Cuban National Art School
Studied Literature and Art faculty at Havana University
Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and Experimental Graphic Studio of Havana.

Awards and Mentions

1976 First Mention in engraving. Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
1977 First Prize in engraving. Youth National Salon, Havana, CubaFirst Prize in painting. Youth National Salon, Havana, Cuba
1978 First Prize in Drawing. FAR, Cuba
1981 First Prize. UNEAC Salon, Cuba
1982 Mention in drawing. UNEAC Salon, Cuba
1983 Second Mention "Encuentro de Grabadores", Cuba
1985 First Prize in drawing. UNEAC, Cuba
1986 First Prize in drawing. UNEAC, Cuba
1991 Honorable Mention. Bulgaria Graphics Salon, Bulgaria
1994 First Prize. Small Format Engravings Salon, Orense, Spain
1999 Grand Prix. Prints International Triennial of Kochi, Kochi, Japan

Peter Wayne lewis (Jamaica)

Chairman of Fine Arts 2d-Painting and Printmaking and Professor of Painting at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Ma. Was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies and immigrated to the USA in 1962 and made his home in Sacramento, California. He became a US Naturalized Citizen in 1983 and received his Masters of Arts Degree in painting in 1979 from San Jose State University California. He currently resides in South Orange, New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts, and Beijing, China.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Matthias Kuper Galleries, Stuttgart|Beijing, Beijing, China; PAINTINGS FROM MIDDLE EARTH PART 2
2011 JayJay, Sacramento, California; PAINTINGS FROM MIDDLE EARTH PART 1

Green T- House Galleries, Beijing, China; Peter Wayne Lewis: Beijing Homage Booster Scrolls


Pickled Art, Unit # 1, Beijing, China; GREETINGS FROM KINGSTON/NEW YORK-Paintings
PROMO-ARTE, Tokyo, Japan; Peter Wayne Lewis Paintings


STADTIDCHE GALERIE IM CORDONHAUS, Cham, Germany; Peter Wayne Lewis − Booster Paintings
40 Acres Gallery, Sacramento, California; Strings Genesis
JayJay , Sacramento, California; Grand: The Booster Paintings

2006 N.Y. Arts Gallery-Beijing, Beijing, China; Strings Paintings
2003 Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art, New York City, New York; Strings
Stella Jones Gallery; New Orleans, Louisiana; Paintings
2002 Parish Gallery, Washington, DC; Dream Paintings

Rosenberg + Kaufman Fine Art, New York City, NY; Fields (Catalogue - Essay by David Carrier)

Gustavo Velez
Gustavo Velez (Colombia)

October 4th, 1975. Medellin, Colombia.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2000 Conavi's Bank exhibits hall at La Visitacion. Medellin - Colombia.
2001 Pontificia Bolivariana's University exhibits hall. MedellIn - Colombia.
2002 Olaya Herrera Airport. Medellin - Colombia.
2003 Mayor’s Office Hall in Medellin. Medellin - Colombia.
Marble and bronze / City hall of Medellin - Medellin, Colombia
2005 Gustavo Velez one-man show: PROMO-ARTE Gallery - Tokyo, Japan
2007 The exhibition of Gustavo VELEZ: Gallery I - Iwaki, Japan
2008 Gustavo Velez Exhibit: Genkan Gallery - Tokyo, Japan
2009 Rhythmic: Pntifical University of Boliver - Medellin, Colombia
Gustavo Velez, Autumn 2009: PROMO-ARTE Gallery - Tokyo, Japan
2010 Art Gallery of Guan Xiang - Museum of Zhengzhou - Zhengzhou, China
2011 Monuments, exposition of itinerant art: Anthropological Contemporary Art Museum of Guayaquil - Modern Art Museum of Cuenca Modern Art Museum of Quito - Ecuador
2012 Monuments, itinerant exposition: Art museum of Tolima - Ibague, Colombia

Jose Fors (Cuba)

Born in Havana, Cuba,
1960 Moved to the United States.
1967 Traveled to Mexico, settling first in Guadalajara and later in Mexico City.
1976 Returned to Miami, Florida for three years to study anatomical drawing
with Roberto Martinez. His studies completed, he returned to Guadalajara,
Mexico, where he lives today.
1996 He officially became a Mexican resident.

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