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Let’s Play with “FIQUE” (Fiber of Agave)by Nobu Takehisa

From : December 3rd to December 15th, 2015 at all 2nd floor
Organized by: PROMO-ARTE Latin American Art Gallery


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Let’s Play with “FIQUE” (Fiber of Agave)

We will hold a solo exhibition of Colombia resident Japanese artist Nobu Takehisa. She spent half of her life in surrounded by nature in Bogota.
In this exhibition you can see the installation work using fibers of leaves of Agave called “FIQUE”, which the artist created by inspired from plants that live there.
Please enjoy the unique world of Nobu Takehisa.

Installation using Fique

A fiber which can be abstracted from leaves of agaves grown in tropical highlands of the North Andes is called “Fique” around here. I try to product an installation using this fique because I am charmed by this primitive and simple material. In the handcraft field, the fique has been utilized for living utensils from ancient times to today, but I am challenging to use it for expression of art. I’m so excited how to express installation works in a sophisticated space of Promo Arte Gallery located in a smart town because it is very important to think a display in a given space to exhibit installation works. The painting works are inspired from installations which I have produced until now. I am imaging that plants sprouted in mountains was reborn and they are going up to the blue sky. Also, my thoughts turnes to “hands” which have produced things from ancient times to the present age.


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■About the Artists


ARTIST living in Colombia
Born in Tokyo. She spent in Hidaka city, Hokkaido from three to sixteen.
She studied western history in Sofia university and then entered in Kyoto university to get master’s degree of forestry science and study the art of landscaping but dropped out after less than a year.
Then she emigrated to Colombia with her husband, garden designer in 1968.
She assisted his husband’s gardening business in Colombia.
To be a painter she studied Art in National University of Colombia and graduated in 1980.
Since then she has exhibited his works in solo exhibition in Colombia, Japan, Brazil ad Cuba.
She has traveled all over the country on foot like Sapporo, Shiretokoshari, Ichinoseki, Sendai, Tokyo, Kajikazawacho of Yamanashi, Niigata, Nara, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kagoshima and Tokushima since the project of walking tour was risen in 2009.

Exhibitions :

1978 Participated in new artists contest held in Luis Angel Arango of National Bank Library. This was a debut exhibition and she received a prize. As a prize, she could have a solo exhibition.

Solo exhibition was held in the same gallery. The motif at that time was a person. The title was “wing folded” and she exhibited 20 paintings of mother and daughter who live in the lower class.


After graduating from the university, she presented a woman’s portrait posed as monnalisa who is seated in a seat in bus at a joint exhibition. The model was a young maid who was working at her home. As it became the talk, she appeared on television.

1983 The motif was changed from a person to nature. The works of then were presented at Luis Angel Arango.

She exhibited in Havana Biennial in Cuba. The composition was a young man falling down shot by gun and her young mother losing consciousness. The title was “sorrow of the Holy Mother”. It was an experimental work which was put on a big cardboard box.

1986 After 17 years, she came back to Japan to hold a solo exhibition at Galerie 412 in Harajuku, Tokyo.
This was a debut exhibition in Japan. She deepened a friendship with a gallery owner Ms. Mitsuko Murakoshi, the late Mr. Isaku Yanaihara and the late Mr. Eiji Usami. Then she held exhibitions in Miyuki Gallery, Akasaka Gallery Saka, Maebashi Kankodo, Nagoya Gallery Sumie etc...
1987 Participated in a joint exhibition in Contemporary Museum of Bogota.
1991 Participated at a Colombian artist exhibition where the works were selected by a director of Art Space of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The theme at that time was a wall scribbling. She utilized not a canvas but a compress cotton for sewing.
1996 Began to hold a solo exhibition at Gallery Yumeji, Mejiro every yeras.
2000 A collection of poems “Poems everywhere” by Pablo Neruda, a Chilean poet who won a Nobel prize was published. She participated in a 50th anniversary commemorative event and held solo exhibitions at Neruda memorial halls in Santiago and Valparaiso. This was why her illustrations on a book “A high place in Machu Picchu” were highly appreciated. Then she held a round tour of exhibitions at Promo Arte Gallery(Tokyo) and Kankodo(Maebashi).
2003 Held a joint exhibition with her daughter who was studying at Tokyo University of the Arts at Akasaka Gallery Saka.
2009 After rising a project “walking tour all over Japan”, she visited Hokkaido and Tohoku.
2010-2011 Visited Sendai, Kajikazawa, Nara, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Kagoshima.
2012-2013 Visited Kanazawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Tokushima.
2014 Finished her project at Yumeji Art Museum Okayama.
2015 Held exhibitions at Sendai Gallery So, Onward Square Gallery and Tokyo Promo Arte Gallery.


1986 A collections of poem “A high place in Machu Picchu”  
Author: Pablo Neruda Translator: Isaku Yanaihara
Publisher: Misuzu Shobo
1996 Illustration book “Things carried by wind and stones from the Andes”
Publisher: Sanshusha
2010 A collection of pictures “Pictures of Nobu Takehisa”
Publisher: Gallery Yumeji
2011 A book of Travels: “A painter flying in the sky”
Publisher: OFFICE K
2011 “60 chapters to know about Colombia” contributed to art section.
Publisher: Akashi Shoten
2014 A coterie magazine “Chaski” San Augustin, the remains of Colombia

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