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PROMO-ARTE begins the introduction of Japanese art to Latin-American countries.

We are very pleased to announce that PROMO-ARTE begins a bilateral art activities with Latin-American countries.
As a first step, Promo-Arte coordinated
an exhibition titled “KAMINARI” which will be held from November 18th of this year in Colombia.

As Promo-Arte has begun to explore the possibility of introducing Japanese art to the Latin American countries, its first event took place in Colombia where PROMO-ARTE had an opportunity to participate at the 2008 International Art Fair (ARTBO 2008), invited by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce. 

Fortunately, the Colombo-Japanese Cultural Association located in Cali expressed great interest for this art exhibition, symbolizing their cultural exchange between Colombia and Japan. Promo-Arte is in charge of curating and coordinating the contemporary art exhibition composed by 45 pieces of art works by 3 Japanese artists: Hiraku Sato - Calligrapher, Hiroshi Ikeda - Painter; and Ikuko Furusho- Painter.

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