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「Huellas Múltiples en el arte cubano」



Multiple Traces on Cuban Art

When we talk about Cuban Art, we talk about Cuba.
Artists Nelson Domínguez and Eduardo Roca "Choco" began their artistic activities when the Cuban Revolution had just started, filled with enthusiasm and dreams for a new Country. Artists Sandra Ramos, Abel Barroso and Julio César Peña belong to a younger generation that experienced the disillusion of the economical crisis that caused a big exodus from the island. On the other hand, Pablo Labañino has lived outside Cuba and his vision reveals a completely different experience.

Six artists in three different situations offer us a rich vision of the Cuban recent history and its great social impact, each one of them expressing in a unique way the struggle of creation within their particular context.
This exhibition features 30 works of a wide variety of techniques and materials, including oil painting, print and installation, from 6 talented leading artists of the Cuban Contemporary Art.

■ ARTISTS 参加作家
Nelson Domínguez Eduardo Roca "Choco" Sandra Ramos
Abel Barroso Julio César Peña Pablo Labañino (guest)


April 1st-5th at PROMO-ARTE Project Gallery + Latin American Art Lobby
April 8th-20th at the Latin American Art Lobby

Open 12 noon - 7 pm
Closed on April 7th (Wed) and every Monday

4月01日〜05日 プロジェクト・ギャラリー+ラテン・アメリカン・アート・ロビー
4月08日〜20日 ラテン・アメリカン・アート・ロビー