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Brazilian contemporary artist
Kazuo Wakabayashi
Born in Kobe, Japan
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Kazuo Wakabayashi

Extensive list of Kazuo Wakabayashi's best works.
Here you can find a great list of Kazuo Wakabayashi works. Click on the image below to find out more about your favorite work!

"Spinning top"
Silkscreen ed.37/100
50x50cm., 1996
Silkscreen ed.14/100
50x50cm., 1995
" ball "
Silkscreen ed.43/100
50x50cm., 1996
" the four seasons"
Silkscreen ed.1/2
49.5x49.5cm., 1995
"Green Colour Composition"
Oil on canvas,
25x23cm., 1998
“Flower car"
Silkscreen ed.4/100
24x27.5cm., 1994
Silkscreen ed.17/100
50x50cm., 1996
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"Blue Colour Composition-III"
Oil on canvas,
36x36cm., 1998
“Composition II"
Silkscreen ed.5/100
50x50cm., 1992
Acrylic Paintings by Kazuuo Wakabayashi

Kazuo Wakabayashi (Brazil)

1931 Born in Kobe
1961 Traveled to Brazil
1967 Became a naturalized Brazilian citizen

Solo Exhibition
1961 Gallery of Daimaru(Kobe)
1963 Tenreiro Gallery(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1965 Solarium Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1966 Kerino Gallery(Salvador, Brazil)
1968 Astraia Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1969 Contemporary Museum of Latin America(Washington, USA)
Cosme Velho Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1971 Ipanema Gallery, Astraia Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1976 Gallery of Daimaru(Kobe), Embassy of Brazil(Tokyo)
1978 Ipanema Gallery(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1983 Couros Gallery(New York, USA)
Realidade Gallery(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1989 Sanchika Gallery(Kobe)
1990 Novo Tempo Gallery(Belo Horizonte Gallery, Brazil)
1993 A Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1994 B&B Gallery(Kobe)
1995 New York Gallery(Kumamoto)
1997 Joe Mabe Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1998 Promo Arte Gallery(Tokyo)
2000 Swire Properties(Hong Kong)
Motomachi Gallery(Kobe)
2001 Promo Arte Gallery(Tokyo)
“70th Anniversary exposition” A Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

1996 “Brazilian Modern Art Exhibition” special award
“Modrn Art Exhibition of Sao Paulo” gold award
“Seibi Art Exhibition” gold award
2001 “Art Exhibition of South American youth” Museum of Rio de Janeiro - the first prize of Fine Arts
2002 “Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Belo Horizonte” grand prize
“The 8th biennial exhibition in Sao Paulo” grand prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Group exhibition
1950 Niki exposition
1951 Niki exposition
1952 Exposition of Municipal of Hyogo
1956 “Two artists exposition, Rei Kamoi and Kazuo Wakabayashi” Saegusa Gallery(Tokyo), Hankyu Gallery(Osaka)
1962 The first exhibition in Brazil “Parana exposition”(Curtiba, Brazil)
1963 “Paulista”(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
“Seibi” Museum of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
“The 6th Biennial of Sao Paulo”(Brazil)
1964 “Seibi” Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Museum of Sao Paulo(Brazil)
1965 “The 7th Biennial of Sao Paulo ~Diverse realism~”(Brazil)
“TODAY, art of Japan and Brazil”(Washington/Auckland, USA, Tour exhibition in Tokyo)
“TODAY of Brazilian art” Rockefeller Center(New York, USA)
“Japanese and Brazilian artists”(Tour exhibition in Bolivia and Peru
1966 “Brazilian artists” Amel Gallery(New York, USA)
“Brazilian artists” Museum of Sao Paulo(Brazil)
“The 1st April Salon” Museum of Rio de Janeiro(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1967 “America & Spain” (Managua, Brazil)
“The 8th Biennial of San Paulo”(Brazil)
“Belo Horizonte”(Brazl)
“Wakabayashi, Diplaty, Mabe three artists” Cosmebello Gallery(San Paulo)
1968 “Contemporary art” “Brazilian Contemporary Art by three points” (round trip for Venezuela and Latin America)
1969 “Exposition of Japanese-Brazilian artists(round trip exhibition to Copenhagen,Oslo,Stockholm)
“Panorama of Brazilian art” Museum of Sao Paulo(Brazil)
“Mabe, Fukushima, Wakabayashi: Exposition of three artists” Copacabana Palace(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1970 “Seibi-kai, 8 artists exposition” Museum of Rio de Janeiro(Brazil)
“Mabe, Fukushima, Wakabayashi: Exposition of three artists” Cultural Institute of Brazil and America(Washington, USA), Asteria Gallery(Sao Paulo), Bonito Gallery(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1971 “Art Festival of Japan” Museum of Rio de Janeiro(Brazil), Ipanema Gallery(Rio de Janeiro), Asteria Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1973 “Panorama of Brazilian art” Museum of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
1978 “The 70th emigration for the third generation of Japanese-Brazilian artists” Globo Gallery(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1980 “Exposition of two artists”(Sao Paulo), Cerafico Gallery(Brasilia, Brazil)
1981 “Latin American art and Japan” Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Osaka
“Exposition of two artists” Ipanema Gallery (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1982 “Exposition of Brazilian art” (Chicago, USA)
1983 “Exposition of Brazil and Japan” (round trip exhibition for Tokyo, Kyoto, Atami, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo)
“Exposition of five artists” Realidad Gallery (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
1984 “Tradition and extinction” Biennial exhibition of Sao Paulo, Art Fair of Estocolmo (Brazil)
1985 “Maestros of Brazilian abstract art” (round trip exhibition for Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Washington, New York and Europe)
“100 works exhibition, Museum of Itau”(Brazil)
“60 years of Modern Art” University of Robert(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
“Exposition of three Brazilian artists” (Ottawa, Canada)
“Exposition of Brazilian contemporary art”(Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia)
1986 “The past and today of eight artists in Sao Paulo” (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
“Print and design” (Belgrade, Brazil)
“International Fair of Contemporary Art / FIAC” (Paris, France)
1987 “International Fair of Contemporary Art / FIAC” (Paris, France)
1988 “International Fair of Contemporary Art / FIAC” (Paris, France)
“Brazil - 15 years of Japanese Art”(round trip exhibition for Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia)
“Japanese jewels - Today of Japanese-Brazilian artist” Museum of Brazil(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1989 “International Fair of Contemporary Art / FIAC” (Paris, France)
“Exposition of 20 artists, Rio de Janeiro - Paris - Latin America” Space Latin America (Paris)
“60 years of Brazilian Modern Art, FCGCAM” (Lisbon, Portugal)
1990 “International Fair of Contemporary Art / FIAC” (Paris, France)
“Latin American Artists Exhibition” Ergun Gallery (New York, USA)
1992 “Brazilian Art” Paso das arte (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
“Exhibition of 5 Latin American artists” Ergun Gallery (New York, USA)
1994 “Elegant Japanese artists in Sao Paulo - Manabu Mabe & Kazuo Wakabayashi” B&B Hachioji(Tokyo)
1995 “Japanese & Brazilian Art” Exhibition(Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro),”Japan & Brazil friendship 100 anniversary exhibition” Curitiba, Brazil, ”Japanese & Brazilian 7 artists”(Brasilia, Brazil)
1996 “Latin American Contemporary Artists” Exhibition / Latin American Memorial(Sao Paulo, Brazil),”The 8th Brazil” Exhibition(Sao Paulo, Brazil), “Japanese Brazilian Artists” Exhibition(Tokyo, Kyoto, Nigata etc… tour exhibition)
1997 “Japanese Brazilian Artists” Exhibition / Museum of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo, Brazil), “Art Expo 97”(Singapore)
1998 “Japanese & Brazilian Contemporary Artists” Museum of Sao Paulo(Sao Paulo, etc… tour exhibition)
1999 “Japanese & Brazilian Contemporary Artists” Museum of Sao Paulo(Sao Paulo, etc… tour exhibition)
2000 “Latin & Caribbean Contemporary Art TODAY” Exhibition / Museum of Miura (Matsuyama), “Brazil - 500 anniversary exhibition” Pina Cotteca Sao Paulo(Sao Paulo, Brazil)
2008 “Japanese immigrants to Brazil, 100 anniversary” Exhibition / “A way of 100 years of Japanese Brazilian artists” Miurart Village(Matsuyama)
Exhibition: Promo-arte Gallery Collection in Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
2010 10th Latinamerican Contemporary Art "TODAY "in Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
Latin American Contemporary Art exhibition in Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
2014 "Latin American Art Collection" in Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
The 13th Latin American & Caribbean Contemporary Art "TODAY" in Promo-Arte Latin American Art Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
2015 "XIV Lartin American & Cribbean Contemporary Art TODAY", in Latin-American Art Gallery Promo-Arte, Tokyo,Japan

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