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Eduardo Roca "Choco" exhibition
Deep prayer

from February, 09th, 2007

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from February, 09th (Fri.), 2007 
12:00 -19:00
(Closed on Mondays)

Cuban artist Eduardo Roca "Choco" works

All about Eduardo Roca

the light emanating from painting's interior is both surprising and sensual, and lays out the terrain on which figures will be moving(...)
Poet Victor Casaus has said that Choco enters the new millenium carrying the certainties of Creole beauty, the magic of his culture's roots and the timely interrogations that shape the identity of his beloved island.
Claudia Gomez Haro

One of the most representative Cuban contemporary artist, Eduardo Roca "Choco" is now showing a series of works based on religious themes in a technique rich in textures created by his own, the collagraphy.

collagraphy ,1996

for sale

Nacimiento de la Mulata
collagraphy ,2000

for sale

El sueno
collagraphy ,1997

for sale

collagraphy ,1997

for sale


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1949 Born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
1963 Art Instructors School, Cuba
1970 National Art School, CubaFaculty of Art and Literature in the Havana University, Havana, Cuba

>>> click here for more details about Cuban artist Eduardo Roca "Choco"


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