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Latin American Contemporary Art

Period:DEC 25th (Sat.) 2010- JAN 25th (Tue.)2011
Place:PROMO-ARTE GALLERY Latin American Art-lobby 2F
Organized by:PROMO-ARTE Gallery

Promo-Arte Gallery will be opening an exhibition titled "Latin American Contemporary Art TODAY" presenting works of 39 contemporary artists from Latin America and the Caribbeans.
We are positive that you will appreciate and feel the real Latin American society harmonized in different races, where its people live with very strong personalities and humanism that you will hardly forget once youexperience them. We are also happy to give you the opportunity to feel their soul generated by complicated backgrounds of history and multifarious climates, their strong life force expressed on canvas and three-dimensional works and their high qualities.

PROMO-ARTE Director    

Horacio Carrena(Argentine)

Born in Buenos Aires of Argentina in 1955. Received the professor of institute of National University of Art in 1978. Started activities as artist in 1979. Principal history for International competition : The 3rd Carribean and Latin American International Art biennial exhibition(2007), The prize of the 3rd Contemporary Art of Antonio Guarda(2006)


Carlos Estevez(Cuba)

Born in Havana of Cuba in 1969. Graduated from National Art Institute in 1992. Received the award of Havana Salon in 1994 and special award in the 4th International Art Biennial exhibition of Ecuador. One of the most famous Cuban contemporary artists. Resides in Miami now.

Julio Goya(Argentine)

Born in Buenos Aires of Argentina in 1953. Graduated from the institute of National University of Art in Argentina. He has participated in many exhibitions and art fairs in Argentina and overseas. Received "2nd great award of Rodin" in Utsukushi-ga-hara open-air Museum, great award of International Contemporary Sculpture of Art in Fuji Sankei Biennial exhibition and incentive award of Art of Okinawa Times. Resides in Okinawa now.


Eduardo Roca(Choco) (Cuba)

Born in Santiago de Cuba of Cuba in 1949. Graduated from National Art Institute in 1970. He is extending activities enthsiastically in Japan. Received the grand prize in the 4th International Lithography triennial exhibition of Kochi in 1999.

Roberto Mamani Mamani(Bolivia)

Born in Cochabamba of Bolivia in 1962. Known as an artist to present identity for indigena(aborigines) strongly. In Japan he exhibited his works in Expo 2005 Aichi Japan. The vivid color and the tone of four seasons reflecting various colors were gained popularity. Now resides in La Paz.

Jose´ Fors (Cuba)

Born in Havana of Cuba in 1958. Moved to USA in 1960. Educated drawsing from Roberto Martinez for 3 years since 1976. Got naturalized as a Mexican citizen in 1996. Held many exhibitions in USA and Mexico. Received awards in "9th Latin American and the Caribbean engraving Biennial exhibition" and "8th domestic contest of Jose Guadalupe Posada".

Gustavo Von Ha(Brasil)

Born in Sao Paulo of Brazil in 1977. Educated art from his childhood. Received the great prize in the 3rd Kanagawa Biennial exhibition. Has started to wide his field as presenting film works in New York Film Festival 2005 or Melbourne International Film Festival. Resides in Brazil now.

Julio Cesar Pena(Cuba)

Born in Holguin of Cuba. Started learning picture by himself and now he is participating actively as a member of Havana Graphic Atelier. Received the grand award in International Litographic Triennal Exhibition of Kanagawa in 2001. He is extending his activity all over the world enthusiastically. Resides in Havana now.

James Kudo(Brasil)

Educated in Univerysity of Art of San Paulo in 1967. His works are characterized by the tinge of plaster yellow and light and shade of black. Opened his own exhibition and also participated in group exhibitions in Nuremberg, New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. He is one of the most famous Brazilian modern artists.

Sandra Ramos(Cuba)

Born in Havana in Cuba in 1969. Graduated from National Art Institute in 1993. From the beginning of 1990 he started to hold solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in the world. Received a National Honor Award of Culture in 1997, National Art Leading Award in 1998. In Japan he had a his own exhibition in Fuchu Art Museum in 2003.

Kazuo Wakabayashi(Brasil)

Born in Kobe in 1931. Went over to Brazil in 1961 and got naturalized as a Brazilian citizen in 1967. Had many solo and group exhibitions in Brazil, Tokyo and Kobe. Received the grand prize of "Contemporary Art of Belo Horizonte" in 1967 and the grand prize of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 8th Biennial exhibition of San Paulo.


Nelson Dominguez(Cuba)

Born in Santiago de Cuba of Cuba in 1947. After graduating from National Cubanacan Art Institute in 1970, received professors from some universities as National Cubanacan Art Institute, ISA, UNEAC and AIAP. One of the most famous artists in Cuba and while familiar to Japanese people. Received many awards.

Yugo Mabe(Brasil)

Born in Sao Paulo of Brazil in 1955. His father is Manabu Mabe, a nationwide famous artist in Brazil. He is creating an abstract and sensitive world using flower and plants as a motif. He is extending many solo and group exhibitions in various cities in Brazil.

Erica Nakasone(Peru)

Born in Peru. Graduated from National Art University of Peru. Learned Japanese picture in Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts. Received award in "the 16th Exhibition to paint Japanese nature" hosted by the Ueno Royal Museum. The fusion of Japanese aesthetic and Latin American allegory is admired. Participated in many exhibitions in Peru and Japan. Now Resides in Japan and Peru.

Carmen Carrno(Chile)

Born in Chile in 1959. Moved to Quito of Ecuador in 1972. Educated drawing from Marcelo Vascones, litograph from Carlos Rocelo and picture from Nicolas Svistinov. Her works are characterized by the unique layout and color tone that symbolize Andean culture.

Oswaldo Higuchi(Peru)

Born in Lima of Peru. Graduated from National Art Institute of Lima in 1969. Educated from Aitor Castillo, Milner Cajahuaringa etc... Received a Honor Award of Lima citizen, Entre Nous Association. He is holding his solo exhibitions and pasticipated in group exhibitions as well in USA and Europe.

Eduardo V.Lastra(Chile)

Graduated from Department of Marketing for anthoropology resource of Concepzeon University in 1999. Held solo exhibitions in Chile and on the other hand participated in some group exhibitions in Asia and Southern America. He acts as representative director of Talika Juano Cultural Corporation. Also a member of art promotion activitiy of Chile.


Martin Mendizabal(Urguay)

Born in Montevideo of Uruguay in 1960. Educated drawing and engraving in Guillermo Fernandez Studio in Montevideo. Received scholarship from Studio Camnitzer in Italy in 1988. Got a prize of National Bank of Uruguay in the 49th National Art Exhibition in 2001. More prizes.

Dario Ortis(Colombia)

Born in Ibague of Colombia in 1968. Educated history of art in University of Art of Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Moved to Italy in 1995 and now he is presenting his exhibitions all over the world. He founded prefectural Museum of Torima.

Nelson Romero(Urguay)

Born in Uruguay in 1951. Held solo exhibitions all over the world. Received a prize of "24th Hall of Artist of San Jose". He has held solo exhibitions in not only Lain America, USA and Europe but also Shanghai and Tokyo.

Ana M.Hoyos(Colombia)

Born in Bogota of Colombia in 1942. Educated art in Colombia Universuty and Los Andes University. She came to Japan for the first time invited by Japan Foundation in 1992. Received an honor prize of University of Antioquia and also Civil Order of Merit from Bogota City.
  Vera de Rivales(Venezuela)

Born in Paris of France. She is half French and hals Venezuelan. She has held solo exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, Caracas and so on. Educated in Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts and an art school in Montparnasse. Received the grand prize in International Contemporary Art of Monacco. She held solo exhibitions in USA, Europe, China and Tokyo.

Gonzalo Pinilla(Colombia)

Borin in Colombia in 1971. Acquired Master of Arts and Litography in National University of Colombia. Afterwards, he went abroad to Italy. His works "Mandova 1997" and "Florence 1999" received the awards. Resides in Colombia now.

Mario Velez(Colombia)

Born in Medellin of Colombia in 1968. After educating art in National University of Colombia, he acquired Master in Hochschele del Kunste. Resides in New York now.

Juan Bernal(Colombia)

Graduated from Javeriana University of Colombia as architect. As far participated in more than 50 group exhibitions and 25 solo exhibitions in USA, Latin America and Japan. He pursues the importance in simple objects as flowers, light and plants.

Abel Barroso(Cuba)

Born in Pinar del Rio of Cuba in 1971. Graduated from National Fine Art School in 1990 and National Art Institute in 1995. He is extending solo exhibitions all over the world and also participating in group exhibitions enthusiastically. He presents electronical problems in analogue method(handmade) as woodprint.

Gustavo Velez(Colombia)

Born in Medellin of Colombia. After educated drawing in Art Institute of Medellin, learned sculpture in Italy. His works are characterized by elegant curved lines and they present eternal pleasure to us. We can feel potential power of Colombian Contemporary Art from his works.

  Gabriela Garza Padilla(Mexico)
Yendris Patterson(Cuba)

"Trazos de mi jaula"
Ed. P/A
Manuel Mendive (Cuba)
Born in Cuba in 1944. One of the leading people of contemporary afro cubanism and also one of the most important contemporary artists in Cuba. Held a solo exhibition as a first one in art center in Havana and has extended his activity to all over the world. We can his works in museums in Russia, Somalia, Congo and Northern Europe.

Alejandro Obrego´n (colombia)

"El Co´ndor Rojo"
50x90cm, Lithography, ed.8/15


David Manzur (Colombia)
Rene´ Portocarrero (cuba)

"mujer de la Habana
"92x72cm, Drawing
  Lui´s Arias Vera (Peru)
Born in Peru. Educated in Buenos Aires University of Art of Argentina. Held many solo exhibitions in Latin America, USA, Europe and participated in group exhibitions as well. Has exhibited many works in International Art Fair. His works can be seen in National Museum of Art in Dominican Republic.

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